We’re Strongest When We Work Together


Join us on March 26, 2020 for an all day event to support NTEN, the organization that supports our nonprofit technology community.

Less than two weeks ago – two short weeks – we were all debating whether or not our favorite US-based Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) should be cancelled due to the Coronavirus or COVID-19, which was making its way across the United States. In the span of that two weeks, that virus was declared a pandemic by the WHO, New York City is in a state of dire emergency and the convention center where the NTC was going to be hosted in Baltimore, Maryland is now being converted into a field hospital. This is a rapidly changing time indeed.

If there was ever any doubt about the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Baltimore, it is now history. While people pull together across the nation to help one another and health systems strain to maintain services we see neighbors rising to help in their communities in so many ways. It’s this spirit of kindness and generosity that has always drawn me to the nonprofit sector – a sense that we’re not alone and that we can ALL make a difference. We are a community. And we’re strongest when we work together.

While we should certainly not turn our eye from the many challenges of COVID-19, all of us should stay the course with our work to the extent that we can. The world – albeit perhaps somewhat transformed – will not end. Our many causes will still need defense. We should all carry on with our important work in these difficult times no matter the cause. What you do is important.

To help, Engaging Networks and our Partners, are delivering some excellent content to help you forge ahead and do what you do best – make a difference. We’re doing this on the last day of the Nonprofit Technology Conference that was cancelled – March 26, 2020. And, we’re doing it as a fundraising benefit for NTEN who provides an essential educational resource to our nonprofit technology community. Please join the NTEN-a-thon for a FREE full day of webinars and live events!


I send my personal thanks to the many people on the front lines fighting COVID-19, those in supporting roles who are working sleepless hours and to everyone who is helping in any way they can. Always remember, we’re strongest together. I hope the tools presented at the NTEN-a-thon will assist in your endeavors.

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