A New Dawn for NonProfits: Embracing the Promise of Change


As we stand on the cusp of potential political transformation, it’s time for fundraisers and campaigners in the non-profit sector to feel a surge of hope and inspiration. A Labour government brings with it not only memories of past progress but also the promise of future opportunities. 

Let’s explore the societal changes we can anticipate and why there’s reason for optimism.

Lessons from the Past

When Labour was last in power, they ushered in a golden era for the nonprofit sector. Their policies had far-reaching impacts:

  • The expansion of Gift Aid revolutionised charitable giving, injecting millions into the sector annually.
  • Increased funding for the voluntary sector allowed nonprofits to expand their reach and impact.
  • The introduction of Community Interest Companies (CICs) opened new avenues for social enterprises.
  • The Compact agreement strengthened the relationship between government and the voluntary sector.

        These changes didn’t just bolster nonprofits financially; they fundamentally shifted how society viewed and valued the third sector.

        Anticipating Societal Shifts

        Looking ahead, we can expect similar transformative changes that will reshape our society:

        1. A More Collaborative Approach to Social Issues

        Labour’s history of partnering with civil society suggests we’re moving towards a more inclusive problem solving model. This shift could see nonprofits playing a more significant role in policy making and implementation, leading to more effective and community-focused solutions.

        2. Renewed Focus on Social Justice and Equality

        With promises to strengthen public services and address societal inequalities, we can anticipate a cultural shift towards greater social consciousness. This change could translate into increased public engagement with nonprofits and a surge in volunteering and donations.

        3. Emphasis on Sustainable Development

        Labour’s commitment to green initiatives and international aid signals a move towards more sustainable and globally responsible policies. This shift could open up new funding streams and opportunities for nonprofits working in environmental and international development sectors.

        4. Revitalisation of Community Spirit

        As we saw with previous Labour governments, there’s likely to be a renewed focus on community-led initiatives. This could lead to a resurgence of local nonprofits and grassroots movements, fostering stronger, more resilient communities.

        Reasons for Hope and Inspiration

        • Increased Recognition: The nonprofit sector’s vital role in society is likely to gain more acknowledgment, leading to greater support and resources.
        • Innovation Opportunities: With potential increases in funding and support, nonprofits will have more room to innovate and develop creative solutions to societal challenges.
        • Stronger Partnerships: The prospect of closer collaboration between government and non-profits could lead to more effective, long-term solutions to complex social issues.
        • Expanded Reach: With potential increases in international aid, UK-based nonprofits could extend their impact globally, touching more lives than ever before.
        • Cultural Shift: A government that prioritises social issues could foster a more compassionate and engaged society, creating a more supportive environment for nonprofit work.

        Leveraging Engaging Networks

        To effectively engage with the new government, nonprofits can utilise the Engaging Networks platform to help navigate the political landscape and strengthen your advocacy efforts. Here are some ways to leverage Engaging Networks:

        • Email to Target: Utilise the step-by-step guide to quickly create email-to-target pages. This campaigning tool means your supporters can send tailored and personalised messages to specific political figures, the supporter’s MP or other representatives such as their councillors or members of devolved governments (or even to editors of their local papers).
        • X/Tweet to Target: Similarly, this step-by-step guide shows you how to give your supporters a tool to publicly message various representatives, growing the campaign via social media.
        • Personalise and alter your target messages: Help ensure your advocacy messages have a greater impact by presenting supporters with default messages that randomly select different subjects and content, giving a range of differing messages. These messages can also differ per party, individual or be based on the supporters’ submitted answers to questions. Insert reference data to add constituent-specific statistics or paragraphs automatically into the message.
        • Chaining: Chain various pages together into a journey, so your supporter is encouraged to continue campaigning after taking the initial action, or be asked to contribute financially. They won’t need to type in their personal details again and you can take advantage of their motivation to increase your campaigning impact.
        • Political Data Mapping: Use Engaging Networks’ political data mapping tools to label your supporters’ records with their constituency and representative’s party. This can help tailor your audience selections, messaging and strategies more effectively.
        • Political Broadcast: Send broadcasts directly to target datasets using Engaging Networks’ political broadcast module, for example to ask MPs to attend events or to record representatives’ responses to your key campaigning demands.

        Embracing the Future

        As we look to the future, it’s clear that the potential for positive change is immense. The coming years could see a society that’s more equitable, sustainable, and supportive of the crucial work done by nonprofits.

        However, we must also be mindful of the challenges ahead. Funding limitations, less ambitious green policies than environmental charities might hope for, and immigration stances that have led to campaigns like the #AntiRefugeeLaws create significant hurdles. 

        For fundraisers and campaigners, this is a time of unprecedented opportunity. Your passion, creativity, and dedication will be more valuable than ever as we work together to shape a better future. 

        The challenges ahead are significant, but so too is the potential for transformative impact.

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