Next Gen Marketing Tools

Reach more supporters in less time. Send broadcast emails and SMS texts using drag-and-drop messaging features. Utilize keyword texting and conditional content to personalize campaigns. 

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Make Giving as
Easy as One-Click

Utilize our one-click donation functionality in emails and text messages to allow supporters that have previously donated to simply click a link, select a donation amount and click submit. The donation will be processed via the token from a previous donation. This easy way to give can significantly boost conversions.

Conditional Messaging to Tailor Your Outreach

Using supporter profiles, you can uniquely personalize the content of any block for each profile. Finally, a way to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Make your individual donors feel special and appreciated while trying to activate small dollar donors to give monthly – all in one place.

Reach Your Supporters Where They're Active

Integrated text messaging and email makes it easy to reach your supporters where they’re most active. Choose to send an email or text message – or both to ensure your communication is received. 

Segmentation and Scoring

Target your emails to the right audience using our advanced query tools and profile builder. You can draw targets and suppressions from any database field and adjust your audiences for each email send. You can also use our geotargeting tools to hone in on local audiences. Engagement Scoring is built into Engaging Networks and scores your supporters based on recent engagement – this helps you identify your most active audiences or can be used to exclude those who are no longer participating to maintain list health.

Records and Reporting

Easily view the activity of supporters right in their supporter record – from email clicks and opens to form completions and donations. Enjoy deep reporting presented in an easily digestible format with our visual reporting tools. Break down your results based on campaign, domain, engagement score and more.

Email Marketing Automation

Ease your team’s workload while accurately targeting supporters with our action-based marketing automation. It’s easy to set up and you can easily view progress in our reporting tools. Start with a welcome series or recurring gift renewal reminder or – like some of our clients – build advanced marketing automation flows with hundreds of emails.

Built-In Testing and Conditional Content

Build emails to send unique content to different audiences and use our deep testing tools to test A/B or with conditional splits. You can even set the system to test a portion of your list and automatically deploy the winning email to the remainder of the list at a set time. Do you often re-use content? Store content ‘blocks’ in your library to be reused across different emails and campaigns.

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