An eCRM with Proven Integration And Reporting

Take your actions and successes to a new level with advanced reporting and integration tools. Save your staff time and headaches by syncing data between systems. Get the information you need to optimize and raise more money.

Just as a major donor team invests time and energy cultivating a relationship with wealthy prospects, so too, does an online team seek to understand and engage its supporters. Only in this case, the number of interactions can number in the thousands or even millions! Engaging Networks tracks the many touchpoints of your online supporters from email opens and clicks to page actions and event registrations. See the funnel of activity right on a supporter record. And sync data down to your database of record to track response online and offline using our many database integrations or open API.

Everything You Need in One Place

As a best-in-class eCRM, Engaging Networks strives to bring you all of the online tools you need in one integrated platform. And, with a rapid development cycle of 6-8 weeks on average, you’ll see regular releases of new modules, upgrades and innovations. Our goal is to keep you on the cutting edge of nonprofit digital outreach and fundraising.

Advanced Visual Reporting

Our reporting tools enable you to quickly see campaign response in beautiful visual reports. Drill down by device, tracking parameters or other information to analyze performance. Or, easily download data using our data reports or query tools for a deeper dive.

Find and Target the Right Audience

Our advanced query builder allows you to drill down to find the exact supporters you are looking for. Filter on action, emails sent, demographic data, email response, device type and much more. Use secondary filters to further drill down. Use geotargeting to isolate individuals in a specific area. Then, do it all again to exclude the supporters you don’t want included. Use queries for exports and reporting or for targeting emails. Our Profiling tool (similar to the query tool) allows you to select groups for targeting or rendering conditional content. With Engaging Networks, you’re truly able to reach the right audience.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

While a small number of our clients use Engaging Networks as their database of record, our specialty is being an eCRM. Rather than attempting to do it all – we focus on what we do best. To ensure you can do everything you need to do, we integrate with several popular online databases – some even with a two-way sync. Visit our integrations page to learn more about our available integrations and our API.

Sound Exciting?

Request a demo today and one of our team will be in touch with additional information about how Engaging Networks can help you win more campaigns.