Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Fundraising

Engaging Networks is the first eCRM platform in the industry to have fully integrated machine learning tools to advance your fundraising and campaigning efforts.

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Engaging Networks is currently the only platform offering cutting edge engagement through the discipline of artificial intelligence called machine learning through our sister company, Accessible Intelligence.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell, machines can develop intelligence by learning making it possible to implement automated solutions for problems that would otherwise be too difficult or cumbersome to solve. As the data changes, the models are updated, and the machines continue to learn and problem solve based on set goals such as converting one-time donors to recurring.

A growing number of organizations are taking advantage of machine learning to reach their fundraising goals. Take a moment to watch the presentation with Rainforest Action Network and learn more. Then, ask us how we can help your organization attain similar results.

How Rainforest Action Network Increased Conversion of One-Time Donors to Monthly Donors by 866%

In May 2020 Rainforest Action Network piloted AI-powered marketing automation technology built by Accessible Intelligence.