Peer to peer Fundraising Tools for Marathons to DIY Campaigns

Personal and Team fundraising pages

Our peer to peer fundraising module allows supporters to easily create personal and team fundraising pages that allow their friends and family to make online donations. Create fundraising events where volunteers raise money to support your organization’s mission and encourage participants to form teams. Peer to peer campaigns raise more money and expose your brand and cause to a broader audience. 

Branded Fundraising Campaigns

Easily build branded fundraising campaigns

Features to make
fundraising easy

Sophisticated back-end functionality

Engage your supporters 
while reaching more people

Peer to peer campaigns are an easy way to engage your supporters while raising additional funds and reaching more people. Let your supporters be your advocates! If you’re not using P2P already, you can get started with a basic DIY campaign. If you’re already using peer to peer, ask us how Engaging Networks can support your next marathon, DIY or event.