Case Study

Transforming supporter opt-in at RNID


When RNID, the national charity for people who are deaf and have hearing loss, developed their new online donation forms, they were determined to give all of their supporters the best experience possible.

“We’ve secured more second gifts, converted more people to regular giving and shared more content with people, reducing attrition”

Chloe Waite, Content and Conversion Lead, RNID

“We were trying to open up communication channels to provide our supporters with different – exciting – experiences through lots of different channels” explains Chloe Waite, RNID’s Content and Conversion Lead. “We take a positive opt-in from every supporter for every communication channel, so we knew we had to maximise people positively responding to our opt-in questions”.

At the time RNID were opting-in 49% of their total digital audience to hear more about the work they were doing. “It meant we couldn’t continue a conversation, celebrate the impact supporters make and deepen our relationship with the people who engaged with us. We want lifelong relationships with supporters, not one-off interactions” says Chloe.

The team at RNID worked with Eugene Flynn at 54 Degrees to change the way they approached asking supporters to opt-in. By using radio buttons rather than tick-boxes, serving ‘here’s what you’ll receive’ messages if people looked like they were about to opt-out and testing different wording on and around their forms, nudging people to answer questions positively, the team transformed RNID’s opt-in rates.

RadioBoxes vs Checkboxes to engage users

Today, 72% of supporters opt-into further communication from RNID, and more supporters than ever are opting into hearing from them via multiple channels.

“Clear choices work, any online journey should be tailored with clear choices and a clear demonstration of the value you offer your audience” reports Chloe.

The power of opting in and engaging with your donors

So what’s next at RNID? “We want to test more of the nudging strategies 54 Degrees introduced us to, especially around our main donation page and online Hearing Check” says Chloe. “Our latest test increased click through rates by 40%, we want to use those learnings to continue to increase engagement and conversion rates across the site”

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