An enormous thank you to Engaging Networks Accredited Partners and the many attendees who joined us on March 26, 2020 (the last day of the cancelled 2020 Nonprofit Technology Conference) for the NTEN-a-thon – a day of sessions to raise funds and awareness for NTEN. The event was an enormous success and you can continue to enjoy content right here on this page!

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These are raw recordings of the live presentations to preserve the spirit and intent of the NTEN-a-thon. You’ll see a pause of 3 – 5 minutes at the beginning as we wait for attendees to join (just skip a head if you don’t want to wait) and hear us asking viewers to support this amazing organization with a donation – just click here to make a gift today.

Who contributed to NTEN-a-thon? Partners Engaging Networks, M+R, 4Site, Raise the Roots, Firefly Partners, Yeeboo Digital, HJC and Grassriots. Friends and clients from National Trust for Historic Preservation, PETA, WETA, and more. Enjoy the presentations!

Schedule AND Recordings

Presenters: Michael Johnston of HJC and guests

Description: Join Michael Johnston from hjc and special guests as they present the findings of the sixth annual digital outlook report. In this session we reveal the digital trends and integration in the nonprofit sector. We have tracked the sector for six years and have identified important progress towards digital trends, evolution and a peep into the near future. How do you compare? What similarities does your organization share with others? What can you expect in the future? Join us to find out and build these findings into your 2020 digital strategy.

Presenters: Elizabeth Kyi, Senior Digital Project Manager and Katy McIntyre, Manager, Digital Marketing Services at Yeeboo Digital

Description: Have you been diligently collecting data for your nonprofit but don’t know what to do with it? Trust us, you’re not alone. Big numbers in your reports can feel good but they may not necessarily correlate to results that make an impact to your organization. Join Yeeboo Digital’s Elizabeth Kyi and Katy McIntyre as we walk through how to build a data-driven campaign and share some best practices for working with your fundraising data. We’ll share case studies, key tips and implementation strategies based on Yeeboo’s revenue-based approach to online fundraising to help you stay focused on the most important benchmarks for goal-based campaigns, marketing and appeals.

Presenters: The Developers of 4Site Interactive Studios

Description: We’ll be narrating the live build-out and customization of new page templates for a random non-profit chosen at the beginning of the Webinar. Come join us to participate in the live chat and see how easy it is to create your own beautiful page templates, learn about performance and SEO best practices, and get tips for common page customizations. No coding experience necessary, but some knowledge is helpful. This exciting session was presented live in Twitch.



Join Jessica Bosanko Senior Vice President at M+R, Steve Kehrli, Vice President of Development at PETA and Jeff Regen, Vice President of Development at WETA to learn how these seasoned professionals navigate sudden events that impact fundraising. We’ve never seen change like we’re seeing today but insights from past experiences and knowledge from tried experts can help inform your decisions. This is an open roundtable discussion – no presentation – so please be ready to ask your questions!

Presenter: Brandon Fuller, Founder and Strategist at We Raise the Roots

Description: You can design a marketing automation Anyway You Want It. But to keep those supporters turning to you with Open Arms, make sure you’ve setup these four Journeys. Raise the Roots’ Brandon Fuller will walk you through the different ways Humane Society International has successfully configured four categories of automations to welcome and re-engage supporters, while growing monthly giving and birthday peer-to-peer campaigns. See the stats, emails, and automation designs, then learn how to setup your own.


Presenters: Eric Rubin of Engaging Networks and Maan Sacdalan of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Description: Since 1988, the National Trust has used its list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places to raise awareness about the threats facing some of the nation’s greatest treasures. The list has been so successful in galvanizing preservation and awareness-raising efforts off-season that only a handful of sites have been lost and the campaign routinely achieves +1 billion media impressions.

This session explores how any organization can discover and select the mission-oriented stories and assets to connect with a wide-reaching, national audience in a way that is simultaneously targeted to diverse, local communities.

This session will further focus on the tactics used to build media buzz while also using integrated marketing best practices to turn this publicity into real conversions of new and sustaining donors and activists.

Presenter: Karen Hopper, Senior Data Strategist at M+R

Description: We’ve seen nearly everything that can go wrong in an A/B test go wrong. Many of these failures resulted in our greatest learnings about how to A/B testing correctly. Let us share with you what to look out for so you don’t have to make some of these mistakes yourself! During this 30 minute session, we will touch on what makes a good test hypothesis, controlling variables, audience size and composition, and evaluating test results — with examples along the way of real live tests gone wrong and explanations of what could have saved them.


Presenter: Amy Peyrot, Vice President at M+R

Description: Chances are, you think of your marketing by channels: Email, website, advertising, and (maybe) a few other ways to communicate with your supporters. But that isn’t how people interact with the world, and it shouldn’t be how your marketing program runs either! Join this session as we talk about WHY it is critical to have a “supporter first” program (talking points you can share with your boss!) and HOW to take steps towards building that elusive omni-channel program.



Presenter: Firefly Partners

Description: What do you do with the subscribers on your list who just aren’t opening your emails? That’s where re-engagement campaigns come in. Re-engagement is the email marketing equivalent of reaching out to a bunch of old friends you’ve lost touch with and trying to reconnect with them. A few of them respond, a few might not, and a handful could actually become deep important relationships again. No matter what, the end result will help your organization with data cleanliness. Here’s how we suggest preparing for a re-engagement campaign and a few different approaches you can take for different segments of your inactive list.

Presenters: Ryan Baillargeon, Founder OF Grassriots and Leah Henderson, Director of Strategy at Grassriots

Description: We don’t need to tell you how things have changed drastically in the last few weeks. What we can share with you, however, is how your organization can respond to a crisis when you have something valuable to contribute. Grassriots is working actively on a number of COVID-19 related crisis response campaigns right now, and we’ve done crisis response and emergency campaigns before with national and international organizations.

Crisis response campaigns are a different animal from typical digital campaigns. We’ll take you through the must-dos and must-haves, including:

– the best strategy and creative considering the moment and potential developments
– the digital infrastructure you need, including the marketing-to-donor conversion funnels
– the marketing plan and media spend to succeed.

Thank You from NTEN