EOY fundraising check-in: quick fixes, inspiration and trends


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My face when I have to change out of sweatpants for any reason this week.

We know this final EOY fundraising stretch can be a bit stressful – balancing your campaign with holiday plans and the upcoming new year. So we’re just checking in and making sure you’ve had a chance to stand up and stretch, spend some time outside (if it isn’t too cold ❄️) and take some time for yourself. You’re doing amazing work and we’re cheering for you!

If you’re looking for a distraction from anxiously refreshing your campaign dashboard, our team pulled together some last-minute resources we hope can help you fine-tune or pivot your year-end campaign in the final days of 2022. And if you’re already thinking about 2023, reach out to us to discuss your needs for the coming year. 

EOY fundraising tips and success stories 

Organizations are triple-checking their campaigns, meetings are being put off with “let’s circle back after the holidays” and just about everyone working in fundraising is anxiously awaiting the all-important 12/31 deadline. Here are some recent nonprofit campaign success stories for some last minute inspiration:

“What do I do when my EOY fundraising campaign isn’t meeting targets?”

Our “Quick Pivot” webinar series offers pithy advice, tactics and tricks for making changes mid-stream with your EOY fundraising strategy. Watch or read the transcriptions below:

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Fundraising tips and trends for 2023

Mobilisation Report: How can charities continue to engage people in their work and attract new supporters? We worked with Paul de Gregorio of Rally to pull case studies, tips and checklists to inspire your mobilisation strategy.

Top 3 Twitter Alternatives: Twitter has had a pretty tumultuous year. Here are 3 underrated, alternative platforms where cause-based organizations can take their community engagement and growth strategies to the next level.

Marketing Automation How-To: An estimated 35% of all charitable giving is done during the month of December – utilizing marketing automation and donor suppression to engage with supporters will be the key to a successful campaign.

Optimizing Engaging Networks for EOY and 2023: 4 ways to optimize or pivot your Engaging Networks campaign for year-end fundraising – read the list or watch the 2-Minute Takeaway.

Want to know more?

Request a demo today and one of our team will be in touch with additional information about how Engaging Networks can help you raise more money and win more campaigns.

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