Six charity Christmas campaigns to inspire your EOY strategy


In the UK, Christmas is one of the biggest events in the fundraising calendar and an opportunity to reach both new and existing donors. Right now, charities are full-swing into their Christmas campaigns and we’ve seen some crackers! 

We’ve been so impressed with how our clients have used Engaging Networks to raise vital funds, and steward donors, that we wanted to shine a light on some of them. 

As it’s never too early to start thinking about your next campaign, here’s a round-up of some brilliant campaigns to inspire you for the 2022 EOY fundraising season.

Buy a Refuge Parcel by Refuge

Domestic violence charity Refuge has created virtual gift parcels that people can purchase to support their work. The gifts range from a small donation, enabling an expert to answer the call to someone fleeing domestic abuse, to a large donation that would pay for a whole day of running their Tech Abuse service. 

If you’re buying a virtual parcel as a gift to a loved one, you can send them an optional e-card. 

Screenshot of Refuge Christmas Campaign

Christmas Dinner Game by RNID

Christmas is often a time when families gather to celebrate and be together during the holidays. But for deaf people, and those with hearing loss or tinnitus, it can be exhausting trying to follow dinner table conversations. 

RNID, the national hearing loss charity, has created the Christmas Dinner Game pack which aims to not only include deaf people and those with hearing loss in the fun and festivities, but to help make others more deaf aware. 

For a £10 or above donation, donors receive a game pack which includes three rounds of family favourite games with a deaf aware twist, a dinner table centerpiece with helpful reminders for guests to communicate with each other and place cards with conversation starters.

Screenshot of RNID Christmas Campaign

The Little Christmas Helper by Brooke

Brooke, the horse and donkey charity, is putting working donkeys centre-stage this Christmas as they are often overlooked. Their animated video tells the story of a little paper donkey who finds himself at a Christmas dinner table where he helps move the gravy boat, wine glasses and brussel sprouts that have tumbled from their bowl. At first his efforts go unnoticed as everyone is occupied with eating and talking but then a kind hand picks him up and puts him on top of the Christmas tree – centre stage!

The landing page, Spotlight on Donkeys, hosts the video as well as information about how working horses and donkeys support the livelihoods of around 600 million people around the world. Supporters can make their own dinky donkey by downloading instructions and watching a ‘how-to’ video. People are then asked to share their creations by sharing on social media using #SpotlightOnDonkeys. 

Screenshot of Brooke Christmas Campaign

Christmas Firsts by Refugee Action

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Refugee charity, Refugee Action is calling on people to help create amazing Christmas firsts for those who are navigating a new life in the UK.

Donors can donate £20 to provide children with crafting supplies and a selection of board games or £50 to provide a refugee family with their first weekly shop. 

On the campaign page, there is a lovely story of a family from North Africa who were supported by the charity and whose daughters drew a Christmas tree to thank Refugee Action. Their drawing has been turned into a Christmas decoration which supporters can download to add to their tree. 

Screenshot of Refugee Action Christmas Campaign

Life-saving Vaccines this Christmas by CARE International UK

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect around the world. This winter, the world’s most vulnerable people are missing out on COVID-19 vaccines and CARE is working around the clock to help get vaccines to the poorest communities in the world.

This year their Christmas campaign is aimed at helping them deliver as many life-saving Covid-19 vaccines to the world’s most vulnerable communities as possible. Supporters can either make a one-off gift or set up a monthly gift to support their work. 

Screenshot of Care International UK Christmas Campaign

Gifts for Refugees by Freedom from Torture

Freedom from Torture, who provide therapeutic care for survivors of torture who seek protection in the UK, set up an online Christmas gift shop where donors can purchase gifts for refugees to help make their life a little easier and to spread some festive cheer.

There are a whole host of gifts to choose from, including a Christmas care box consisting of gloves, a hat, scarf, a nightlight, a pen and notebook, a calendar and chocolate. Donors simply purchase their chosen gift and the charity then delivers it to the recipient. If you’re buying the gift on behalf of someone else, you can send them a personalised e-card. 

We love how imaginative and creative these Christmas campaigns are. Not only that, they are driving donations at a critical fundraising time of the year and helping to build strong donor relationships. 

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