A Modern Refresh


New logo. New website.

Notice anything different around here? We hope so. We’ve focused considerable energy over the past few years on enhancing and modernizing our product, rolling out new module after new module bringing us to the forefront of the market. But, we didn’t put much work into our own website. Now we have, and we hope you’ll be able to easily find the information you’re looking for and learn more about Engaging Networks.

Why a new logo now?

engaging network logo

We’re coming up on twenty years. That’s twenty years of providing the nonprofit community with leading online advocacy and fundraising tools. In that time we haven’t just built amazing tools, we’ve built a community in which our clients and partners thrive. Our original logo was meant to signify this community and its connectedness. We’re not letting go of that spirit for a moment. We are giving our logo a fun facelift though to make it as modern as our platform is today.

How about the new website?

In order for you to learn more about our online tools, you need a good website that provides a clear message about what we do. So we made a few changes. We hope you like it – and that you can find all you need. We also found that some of the really cool things we did like our Community Conferences and webinars were lost on the old website. We’ve brought those to the forefront. They’re great opportunities to learn the tools and to meet staff and other Engaging Networks users. You can see a full list of upcoming events here, scroll through each month to see what’s coming!

We hope you like the changes. Keep an eye out for some of our upcoming releases where we’ll continue to provide you with the most modern, innovative toolset on the market. You’ll also see the old logo phased out across our platforms and communications over the coming months.

Old logo

For reference and for history, our old logo (retired as of March 2019) is below. Here’s to the next generation of Engaging Networks.

old engaging networks logo
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