Community Conference

What’s ENCC?

ENCC is short for Engaging Networks Community Conference. We don’t do enormous, overwhelming conferences. We prefer to focus on regional more personal events to showcase our platform. At an ENCC you can have one-on-one conversations with other users and learn how they are innovating on Engaging Networks. You’ll meet our team and partners. At ENCC you feel like you’re part of a community – our community – and we have fun.

For years, we’ve hosted our annual Engaging Networks Community Conference in five locations across the globe. These ENCC’s bring together our clients, partners, and staff to explore the Engaging Networks platform and all of the varied uses that leading non-profits have for a robust eCRM.

This year, we mixed things up just a bit. Click here for information on our 2021 ENCC-X

You can checkout all the Talks, Lessons, Case-studies, and Workshops on the post event page. Plus, you can find links to the digital swag bag, sponsors, and more by clicking here.

Past Community Conferences

All of our Community Conferences can be found in the events calendar but if you’re not game to scroll through our past events or search here is a quick list to help you find what you’re looking for.