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GivingTuesday 2022 is around the corner, are you ready for it? From content to donor relation strategies there are plenty of ways to fill your marketing calendars– but, what can you expect from all your hard work? That’s up for debate.

Will we continue to see positive growth similar to the pandemic-related giving of 2020? Will arts organizations and small nonprofits–many of whom saw steep declines in the past few years–rebound? Will the increased cost of living around the world and rising inflation costs result in smaller gifts? These are scary questions and ones we need to get comfortable asking in order to come out strong on the other side.

Despite the uncertainty, the numbers tell a positive story. $2.7 billion was given in the United States on GivingTuesday 2021 alone, which was a a 9% increase from 2020, and a 37% increase from pre-pandemic levels. Though, the question now is– will they be giving to your organization?

To help you prepare for November 29, let’s take a look at the predictions for this year, and how they were informed by data from 2021. Then we’ll provide some specific recommendations on how digital engagement tools (particularly, Engaging Networks 😉) can help you make the most of GivingTuesday 2022.

GivingTuesday 2021 trends, insights and 2022 predictions

As you put your GivingTuesday 2022 plans in motion, start with your end in mind and support it with learnings from 2021. For insightful and actionable takeaways, visit the “Giving and Community in a Time of Crisis” by GivingTuesday.

One thing we continue to be inspired by is the growth of GivingTuesday year over year while Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending was down in comparison to 2020.

givingtuesday stats

Engagement tools to help you make the most of GivingTuesday 2022

It’s no secret that attention spans are shrinking and with a plethora of nonprofits that donors could choose to support on GivingTuesday – finding ways to stand out will be important. But, how? It will be a tight balance between finding new donors, engaging with long-time donors, and reengaging with lapsed donors. While every organization will have competing priorities, I like to think that a few guiding principles can help keep us on track. For me, those are: make it personal, make it easy, and make it the first of many. Luckily, there are a number of digital tools to help you, all of which can be utilized with the Engaging Networks platform.

Make it personal: Customize communications with donors

When it comes to retention and recapture strategies, the strongest tool at your disposal will be making use of your established relationship with a donor. You know who they are and what they care about, so use that in your outreach! Consider the following digital engagement tools to help:

  • Use personalized ask amounts: One size fits all donation pages are great for getting folks in the door, but relationships with donors grow when they’re prompted to give specific amounts informed by their giving history. With Engaging Networks’ Next Suggested Gift tool, you can provide your donors with a donation page and ask amounts unique to them, based on either their highest previous contribution amount or their most recent contribution.
  • Diversify your ask: If you have donors you’ve solicited on GivingTuesday that have not given, but continue to open your emails– consider a different ask. Perhaps ask them to volunteer, give their voice to social media, or donate goods. Building meaningful relationships can be just as beneficial to long-term success.
  • Highlight the interests of your supporters: Not all of your donors are drawn to your work for the same reasons. Some may be interested in one program over another, or a specific geographic region, or a type of service. On a day when people will be bombarded on all sides with asks to give, you can get a leg up by leveraging the knowledge you have and presenting conditional content to your donors based on their interests and relationship with you. If I’m a cat person and I land on a donation page with impact stories all about dogs, I might just navigate away. However, with conditional content I can click an email link that will bring me, a known lover of cats, to a donation page that focuses entirely on cat rescue efforts, while another supporter who heads to the same page will see dog-specific content. Full disclosure: I love all animals equally.
  • Leverage your networks: GivingTuesday continues to grow because it feels good to participate in a movement for a good cause. With that in mind, give your supporters the opportunity to join in further with a DIY peer-to-peer fundraising page. While we’re used to individuals fundraising for events, races, birthdays, and memorials, a DIY fundraising campaign for GivingTuesday provides the opportunity for your dedicated supporters to join in on a day when so many are looking to give. It’s also an opportunity to add some new names to your lists!
"Don’t neglect your donor experience after the big campaign is finished. Add and remove countdowns, remove expired messages and redirect donors from closed forms. You never know when someone will click on that old email – and they still want to donate!""
carrie oceana givingtueday
Carie Lewis Wilt
Director of Digital Marketing at Oceana

See how Oceana raised $20,000 over their planned GivingTuesday goal last year!

Make it easy: Simple donation fields and corporate matching

Let’s be clear: a smooth and simple donor experience is always the goal, but on a day where the public is being appealed to from the entire nonprofit community, it’s absolutely essential. Here are a few ways to help your donors make the most of their day.

  • The Less they Need to Fill Out, the Better, Part One: GivingTuesday can sometimes feel like the shortest 24 hours of the year, so your donors will be thankful for any time they can save. By inserting campaign links in your emails through Engaging Networks, you can make sure your donation form fields are pre-populated with supporter information, meaning your donors won’t waste valuable time trying to remember their zip code (although this may be more of a personal problem).
  • The Less they Need to Fill Out, the Better, Part Two: Sometimes the choice between which organization to donate to may come down to nothing more than who makes it easier to pay. With options for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and Paypal One Touch, you can be sure that your supporters will be able to donate even if their wallet has fallen out of their pocket and into the little space between the driver’s seat and center console (again, this might be a me problem).
  • Leverage corporate matching: By utilizing Engaging Networks’ integration with Double the Donation, donors can easily search Double the Donation’s database of corporate matching gift programs to see if their employer will help increase the impact of their gift. 
  • Leave nothing on the table: Use our new lightbox feature on donation forms to easily boost your recurring revenue before confirmation. The lightboxes are designed to encourage donors to upgrade from selecting a one-time gift to a recurring gift, or to increase the amount of a selected recurring gift.

Make it the first of many: Finding new donors

So far we’ve focused on tools to help you retain first-time donors from 2021 and recapture donors from previous years, but one of the most exciting opportunities offered by GivingTuesday is of course the chance to find new people who are passionate about your mission. As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so be sure you’re putting your best organizational foot forward, especially on GivingTuesday.

  • Highlight mission and impact: With Engaging Networks’ free and flexible templates, you can easily build and customize a donation form that provides a quick snapshot of your organization’s mission and the impact a donor’s gift will have. Images, videos, colors, and text are all customizable, and for the tech savvy members of your team you can also add custom HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Take it a step further with symbolic gifts: Symbolic gift ecommerce pages can help you go even further in communicating the impact of your work to new donors. These pages allow donors to donate an amount that will accomplish a specific action or goal, for example “build a well for a village,” or “buy a goat for a farmer.” This allows donors unfamiliar with your work to see exactly what their contribution accomplishes, communicating both the importance of your work and the impact your donor has on the world. Since it’s the holiday season, you can also send e-cards to the recipient of the gift!
  • Don’t stop there! It’s December 1, 2022, and GivingTuesday is over, but your relationship with your new donors has just begun! Instead of immediately adding these donors to your regular newsletters, use marketing automation tools to send a welcome series. These new supporters may have donated impulsively from a social media ad or through word of mouth, so make sure to take some time to share information about your organization and how they can stay involved. Lay the foundation for long-term stewardship and many happy GivingTuesdays to come. 

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