Case Study

How Animals Asia grew their supporter base and fundraising using a Mobilisation Model


In our Mobilisation Report, Animals Asia, the charity devoted to ending bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals across Asia, describe how they utilised a Mobilisation Model to increase the size of their database and grow their fundraising income.

At the end of the first year of using a Mobilisation Model, Animals Asia saw six figure database growth and increased revenue!

Utilizing a Mobilisation Model

As Animals Asia looked at ways to maximise their impact, grow their audience and raise more money, they made the decision to bring together their advocacy and fundraising activity to drive success across their campaigns and income generation team using a digital mobilisation approach.  

When the Vietnamese Government banned bear bile farming, the team used the moment as an opportunity to launch a ‘paw raising’ campaign, asking people to congratulate the Vietnamese authorities using a petition action. After people had completed the action and signed up to receive further communications from Animals Asia, new supporters were served a fundraising ask, signing up new regular givers and one-off donors.

mobilisation model engaging networks animals asia

The results were transformative; with the action driving six figure database growth, with opted-in email contacts costing just £1 per address, and new phone contacts at £2 per number. Thousands of new donors signed up to support the incredible work that Animals Asia do, in many cases the paid Facebook adverts used to promote the campaign paid for themselves through regular donations and cash gifts given immediately after an individual had signed the petition action.

"These kinds of social media driven actions are hungry for new creative, speed is essential, time is king.”
Stephen O’Shea
Global Head of Digital Fundraising
Animals Asia

Email journeys and social media retargeting were then used to convert large numbers of supporters who chose not to donate immediately to make a donation – with emails about rescued animals performing particularly well with the audience. These approaches were also used to help convert cash donors to give regularly, with 5% of cash donors upgrading to give regularly.

mobilisation model engaging networks animals asia

Results of mobilisation

At the end of the first year of using this new model in the UK, the team had delivered a first year ROI on the activity of 1.60 – with large volumes of regular donors who will likely become long-term supporters, the activity is likely to deliver many times this ROI over the coming years.

The team at Animals Asia worked together to deliver a joined up set of actions using the Engaging Networks platform, tracking social media leads into Advocacy Actions, moving people who took an action through to a fundraising form and then using email automation to deliver high quality supporter journeys, based on a supporters decision to give. With each action being driven through a single, integrated platform, Animals Asia could be responsive, measure their impact and personalise their content.

The team found that they needed to continually, and quickly, refresh their marketing content to maximise the results they were delivering. They utilised powerful imagery and videography to help drive high levels of engagement with their work and found that ‘before and after’ images and videos of bears worked especially well. They strongly suggest developing a bank of powerful videography to support similar campaigns.

As they move forward, Animals Asia are planning to continue to drive their activity forward using their Mobilisation Model, and are currently working to expand their offer with a value exchange product, looking to deliver an even greater impact as they continue to fight for animals across Asia.

mobilisation model engaging networks animals asia

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