Giving Tuesday 2020 Results

2020 Giving Tuesday Renders Amazing Results

giving tuesday

Giving Tuesday 2020 was an enormous success. Despite a challenging year, donors continue to turn out to support the causes they care about. Take a moment to review results for Engaging Networks clients on Giving Tuesday 2020. Amounts are in USD and times denoted are in EDT spanning until 3 PM on 2 December to capture donations on the west coast of the United States and Canada (unless otherwise noted).

Origins of Donations

% of Giving Tuesday Transactions By Country

Where were the donations coming from on Giving Tuesday 2020? The bulk of Giving Tuesday donations on the Engaging Network platform were from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Here’s the breakdown by percentage of total transactions. In addition to these countries, the movement continues to grow globally, especially throughout Europe and in Australia and Mexico.

Giving Tuesday Donations by Hour

Donation processing followed trends similar to Giving Tuesday 2019 and 2018 with donations picking up beginning at 8:00 AM EDT, building throughout the day and beginning to wind down in the evening hours EDT.

First Time Donors

Recurring Givings

Email and Performance Metrics

Engaging Networks saw 100% email throughput on Giving Tuesday despite the heavy volume. That means, as soon as a queued job was sent to the servers it went through – no delays, no bottlenecks.

How Many Emails Were Orgs Sending?

We have to clarify that there’s no clear correlation between number of emails sent and total donations (although you should test that) and that this is based on overall aggregate client numbers. A dramatic change over 2019, organizations as a whole were sending more independent emails in 2020.