Giving Tuesday 2019 Results

This year represented another amazing Giving Tuesday for our community of over 400 global clients. This day has become second only to the last two days of each year when donations pour in at the very last minute. While it’s still largely a US phenomenon it’s building globally.

What do we know? A lot. Read on or skip to our infographic. More clients sent out more emails than average on Giving Tuesday 2019. This year, we saw a roughly 7% increase in the number of emails sent over 2018 and a 22.18% increase in overall giving. Let’s take a look at some BIG numbers.

  • 49,069, 302 the number of emails sent via Engaging Networks on Giving Tuesday 2019
  • $5,079,389.02 the total amount raised by Engaging Networks clients on Giving Tuesday alone
giving tuesday

“This was our best Giving Tuesday to date – we’re thrilled with the results!​”

Marie Michelson, Digital Director at Rainforest Action Network​

Now let’s look at some smaller (but very significant) numbers.

  • .8% thats the small bounce rate we saw on our email sends – far below industry standard and a testiment to our work with clients to improve email deliverability
  • $1.32 is the amount that the average gift increased over 2018 – while this seems small, when you average that over 62,681 donations it adds up – fast

Some of the most exciting details are in the speed and timing of things. Transaction numbers peaked between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM EDT where we were processing over $400,000 and over 5,000 transactions per hour. During this peak and throughout the day pages continued to load quickly and reliably and emails were deployed on time.

Hungry for more information? Explore our infographic below to experience the data and check back soon to see our portfolio of Engaging Networks clients in action on Giving Tuesday.