10 Successful GivingTuesday Campaign Examples


The world always feels a little smaller after GivingTuesday. Millions from around the world joined efforts to raise funds for worthy causes that provide critical support to underserved people, animals and issues in our communities. This day of generosity not only kicks off the holiday season, but also serves as a unique opportunity for organizations to educate the public on their most pressing goals and campaigns. 

The Engaging Networks team pulled together a shortlist of some of our favorite (and most successful) GivingTuesday 2021 campaigns so you can get an idea of what worked this year.

Amnesty International USA

“Amnesty launched a fun new donation form feature that celebrated donors with an animated pop of confetti for each donation made. The unique splash page was a custom form integration developed by our partners at 4Site Interactive Studios. They were able to keep the left side of the page as Javascript and the right side as a fully editable iFrame so that staff could easily add steps or edit content.”

Marcie Lenaghan
Director of Partnerships,

Engaging Networks


“Oceana sent a very effective GivingTuesday email campaign that identified supporters as ‘Wavemakers’ and allowed them to choose what their gift represents: $20 to celebrate Oceana’s anniversary, $33 for the 33 billion pounds of plastic in the ocean, $74 to support Southern Resident orcas facing starvation and $330 for the 330 North Atlantic right whales in existence. It was a very compelling message.”

Cat Kustes
Account Success Manager,

Engaging Networks

giving tuesday wamu refuge uk campaign ecommerce

Refuge UK and WAMU

“Organizations like Refuge UK and WAMU cleverly modified a GivingTuesday donation page as a Christmas gift shop. Upon donating on Refuge’s donation page, supporters could choose from a variety of thoughtful gifts for women and children escaping domestic abuse situations. WAMU celebrated GivingTuesday and their 60th anniversary with a holiday gift shop that included retro socks, retro bluetooth speaker or even providing meals to D.C. area families in need.”

Joanne Warner
Director of Sales & Marketing (UK & International), Engaging Networks

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

“Mercy Home for Boys & Girls shared a series of very powerful video testimonials from children who’ve overcome great adversity thanks to the support of Mercy’s community programs. The stories were shared on social media posts that linked to a custom donation page that included a matching visual connection.”

Austin Dressman
Marketing Manager, Engaging Networks

mercy givingtuesday
rainforest action network giving tuesday

Rainforest Action Network

“Talking tapirs? This super fun Rainforest Action Network GivingTuesday email campaign used the voice of a Malayan tapir to help supporters understand the importance of reaching their goal. My favorite line: ‘Normally, I’m a chill little dude, Jenn, and I know I’m not nearly as famous as some of my rainforest neighbors, but I’m getting really fired up!”

Jenn Morrison
Product Communications Manager, Engaging Networks

American Indian College Fund

“The images of Native American students shared throughout the American Indian College Fund’s GivingTuesday campaign made their goal very personable and impactful. The effective lightbox on their homepage led supporters to a donation form that included imagery and testimonials from real-life beneficiaries of their fund. Their call out for supporters to consider a monthly donation as opposed to a one-time gift was simple and effective.”

Kathy Powers
Director of Marketing, Engaging N

Reprieve UK

“One email I received that really stuck with me was from Reprieve UK and Jon Snow (from Channel 4 news) saying ‘Today is GivingTuesday. It’s a day of global giving after the mayhem of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ in the US – and, yes, here in the UK too. I am writing to ask you to support Reprieve.’ It was an influential message that led to a nicely designed donation page that included a great donation match.”

Corin Hartley-Pearce
Director of Account Services (UK and International), Engaging Networks

reprieve giving tuesday
humane society giving tuesday

The Humane Society of the United States

“The Humane Society of the United States just recently went live with Engaging Networks but was able to incorporate a great deal of effective donation form tools for their GivingTuesday campaign. Their message was paired with adorable photos of rescued animals, a triple match challenge fund, goal progress bar and countdown clock. Along with a call out to attract recurring gifts, donors could also request a ‘Humane Hero’ t-shirt as thanks for their gift. The whole page felt very rich with useful information and enticing gift options.”

Sean Dotson
Account Success Manager,

Engaging Networks

CNIB Foundation

“Cute puppies FTW! I love this CNIB GivingTuesday campaign to raise $150k to cover the cost of raising three adorable guide dogs for those with sight loss. I really appreciate the story they are trying to tell and how tangible their goal is.”

Morgan Radbourne
Account Success Manager,

Engaging Networks

cnib giving tuesday

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