Accredited Partner Program

Forging trusted relationships with external agencies and partners that serve mutual clients.

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming an Engaging Networks Accredited Partner. The goal of the Engaging Networks Accredited Partner Program is to forge trusted relationships with external agencies and partners that serve mutual clients.

The program enables Engaging Networks to confidently recommend your agency to clients for projects and custom work. The program also helps your agency learn more about the platform, confidently deliver client projects and recommend the Engaging Networks technology to existing and potential mutual clients.

Please watch our 10 minute Partner Program 101 video for a complete guide to to the program.

Available Accreditations

Design & Development Accreditation

Design & Development partners focus on customization of client pages and emails including front end development of templates.

Account Services Accreditation

Account Services partners focus on outsourced campaign work for clients focusing on campaign strategy and content creation.

Technology Accreditation

Technology Development partners focus on creating applications and data interfaces using our API services to extend the reach of Engaging Networks.

Implementation Accreditation

Implementation Partners focus on providing an umbrella strategy for the clients and organizations they’re working with. You’ll get to know our platform and our people.

Why become a partner?

Partnership benefits everyone. Most importantly our clients by ensuring they have a rewarding experience in the platform. Additionally, agency partners are referred qualified business and likewise have the opportunity to refer qualified clients and prospects to Engaging Networks.

Benefits to Agency Partners

Co-marketing Opportunities

  • A listing in the Partner directory on Engaging Networks website
  • Ability to cite your Engaging Networks accreditation on your website
  • Testimonials & ratings from clients

Thought Leadership Opportunities

  • Lead workshops at Engaging Networks Community Conferences
  • Guest spots, case studies and project highlights on Engaging Networks webinars, guest posts on Engaging Networks blog, and visibility via other Engaging Networks  content channels

Access & Rewards

  • Exclusive partner content and training
  • Advanced information about platform releases and updates
  • Service income through active client project referrals from Engaging Networks

Benefits to Mutual Clients

Co-marketing Opportunities

  • Being able to confidently work with a partner agency or consultant who has the verified technical project management skills to deliver Engaging Networks projects and campaigns successfully

Thought Leadership Opportunities

  • Gaining insight and new ideas from verified agency experts about how to realize the full potential of using the Engaging Networks digital toolset

Access & Rewards

  • Opportunities to provide active client feedback to the community of practice that uses Engaging Networks, and that uses the services of accredited agency partners

Accreditation Requirements

How Will Partners Be Accredited?

For your agency to gain accredited status you will need to nominate at least one member of your agency’s staff to complete our certification process successfully.

Accreditation may be awarded using the following base criteria. Requirements may vary depending on the accredited learning category.

  • Completion of all training applicable for the chosen partner category – this will be delivered though our Academy e-Learning platform
  • Pass all applicable Academy exams
  • Submission of a sample assignment project for review by Engaging Networks accreditation panel
  • Submission of copies of the agency’s privacy and data security policy
  • Final accreditation review by Engaging Networks panel before awarding certification
  • Signing the Accredited Partner Program Contract

For your agency to remain accredited the following criteria must be met:

  • An employee’s certification is not transferable – If the certified individual leaves your agency, accreditation will cease for both the employee and the partner organization
  • The accredited individual must join all new release webinars and confirm their understanding of all new technology
  • Each certified agency employee must get recertified on an annual basis

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