Introducing our New P2P Fundraising Platform


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You asked for a way to capitalize on the fundraising potential of your supporters’ birthdays, weddings and special events. You asked for a platform that would be easy for you – and your supporters – to manage. But you didn’t want that simplicity to come at the expense of advanced reporting and integration. You asked, we listened.

Now, we are excited to unveil our new P2P fundraising platform!

Organizations like to think that everyone will have an interest in the amazing work that they do. The bad news is that your mission will not resonate with everybody. The good news is that the supporters who really do care passionately about your cause have a whole network of people who care about them. Therein lies the secret power of peer-to-peer fundraising.

The idea of P2P has been around for a while, but we believe the system we’ve built is truly groundbreaking.
We collaborated with the bright minds at Zuri Group, a consulting firm and software developer that has deep experience in helping large and mid-sized nonprofit organizations succeed at P2P fundraising.

Benefits of Adding P2P

Together with our friends at Zuri, we’ve built a state-of-the art system that gives you all of the following key benefits:

  • Native integration into Engaging Networks, so you don’t have to manage your data in two different places or learn an entirely new system (or remember another password, for that matter!);
  • Complete control over the look and feel of your fundraisers’ pages – so that they match the branding of your organization;
  • The ability to build an entire site – not just a page – for your campaign;
  • Total control over languages and currencies, which is a groundbreaking feature not provided by most P2P platforms;
  • A system simple enough that your supporters can manage it themselves;
  • Robust data and reporting;
  • The same exceptional, personal tech support that you’ve come to expect from Engaging Networks; and
  • The ability to get P2P campaigns up and running in just a few minutes!

Phase 1

This rollout represents “Phase I” of this powerful new technology, in which we provide tools for basic do-it-yourself fundraising online. Later, in early 2016, we will roll out the Phase II version, which will focus on multi-tier functionality to help teams conduct fundraisers together. Also in the pipeline is functionality related to events…stand by!

If you would like to schedule a free demo, or discuss pricing to get P2P enabled on your account, please contact your Client Support team members.

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