Let's Talk Features

The Engaging Networks suite of tools can replace the campaigning, fundraising, email, P2P, events and data management systems you have, or play nicely with whatever you’d like to keep.

Some of the common themes throughout our modules include:

  • flexibility - pages look the way YOU want
  • intuitive UI (plus the ability to toggle between HTML and WYSIWYG for advanced users)
  • mobile-friendly, right out of the box
  • designed with best practices in mind (think multi-page forms with progress bars and pre-populated fields)
  • integration (with social media and across modules)
  • any language, any currency (a must-have for international nonprofits!)
  • robust data and reporting

We’re also proud to offer a new groundbreaking  P2P fundraising system that can allow you to build P2P campaign sites - not just pages - in a matter of minutes!

Our platform is backed by our extraordinary tech support team and with a rapid release cycle of 6-8 weeks, our functionality will continue to improve over time.