Case Study

UNHCR Canada’s New Ecommerce Experience


Learn how UNHCR Canada moved their eCommerce site from Shopify to Engaging Networks and ended with a beautiful, unique and sophisticated implementation.

Since 1950, UNHCR Canada, the UN Refugee Agency, has been saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.

UNHCR Canada has a virtual gift shop that allows supporters to purchase symbolic gifts like reuniting a refugee family, providing warmth and shelter, ensuring access to clean water, and more.

In the fall of 2019, they were set to move their virtual gift shop from Shopify onto Engaging Networks’ new integrated eCommerce module. They had already worked with an outside agency to develop a concept for the look and the feel of the new Gift Shop. Now, UNHCR Canada needed a technology partner who was familiar with the eCommerce module that had the design and coding expertise to bring the concept to life. They went to Engaging Networks Accredited Partner, Zuri Group.


UNHCR Canada had an symbolic giving store hosted on Shopify but there was no integration between that platform and Engaging Networks where all of their supporter data lived. Beyond pushing transactions using the API (which is possible) they wanted a deeper integration to include user interactions providing a full picture of supporter actions.

UNHCR Canada was already on the Engaging Networks platform – it was time now to move their giving store from Shopify to the new eCommerce module in a bold new design. All before November to be ready for year-end 2019. The goal was to create a virtual shop that would showcase the lifesaving work that UNHCR Canada donors make possible through their gifts and engage supporters in a new way.

The design concept that was provided was beautiful, but required heavy lifting from Zuri Group’s design, implementation and development teams to code a highly customized page in Engaging Networks’ eCommerce module.


Zuri Group worked within the construct of the eCommerce mobule adding custom configuration and code enhancements to allow UNHCR staff to easily reskin images, add, edit, and remove gifts – all without the help of a developer.

They also customized the existing eCard functionality available in the Engaging Networks platform to allow for the creation of a PDF eCard by scraping information from the purchase process such as item description. A perfect option for those that want to mail a gift or wrap one.


This solution provides UNHCR Canada with a fully integrated system that tracks donor actions end-to-end within the platform, allowing for more targeted donor outreach and stewardship. Staff can easily manage the site, reskin images, add, edit, and remove gifts – all without the help of a developer. They can even target those supporters giving in the store through email and marketing automations in Engaging Networks.


Congratulations to UNHCR Canada for working to design and build a beautiful new Gift Shop in Engaging Networks’ eCommerce module. You can see the site here (and shop if you’re in the mood).

Congratulations to Accredited Partner, Zuri Group, on an excellent implementation (again).

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