Case Study

War on Want’s success using Salesforce Connector


At ENCCUK, War on Want shared how they are improving their data processes and optimising digital fundraising campaigns through the Engaging Networks Salesforce Connector, which bridges Salesforce to our integrated platform for nonprofits.

War on Want is a membership organisation working in the UK along with partners around the world to fight poverty and defend human rights. They are a key part of the movement for global justice.

The charity is focused on mobilising an audience through their digital channels — growing their movement through paid ads, social media, and online donor responses, such as supporter-powered posts. When supporters sign up with their email addresses they can expect to receive rapid response email campaigns and urgent action opportunities. Through their marketing tools they want to build supporter journeys that grow their base of members and bolster donor relationships. War on Want uses Engaging Networks’ email, online fundraising, and advocacy modules, as well as marketing automation, to achieve this.

Like any groundbreaking nonprofit organisation, War on Want has seen success in their advocacy and fundraising activities — but they have also faced barriers. Their shift towards digital transformation, breaking down data silos, and trying to become more agile has led to challenges with their data flows and data management.

Their Raiser’s Edge 7 database was outdated and not integrated with Engaging Networks. This meant that the team was spending a lot of time doing manual processing, which was further complicated by managing data from both offline and online activity, while trying to reconcile different sources of data pertaining to the same supporters. It became challenging to sequence and manage all that scattered data, making the team less agile and less prepared to take advantage of their next set of opportunities.

Enter the Engaging Networks Salesforce Connector

In the process of scoping the necessary requirements for a new CRM, War on Want realised their current CRM was no longer fit for their needs. They made the decision to switch from Raiser’s Edge 7 to Salesforce NPSP. A significant factor in their decision to make this switch was having the ability to integrate with Engaging Networks in order to be more agile.

While they have a roadmap of further development, they’ve already seen some notable gains from the Engaging Networks Salesforce Connector functionality. Here’s how the Connector has been helping:

Contact Mapping

One of the Salesforce Integration features War on Want has been using is Contact Mapping, which maps contacts in Salesforce with contacts in Engaging Networks. It syncs in each direction, every hour, if changes are made to a record. It’s all managed within Engaging Networks and it allows you to choose which account fields, questions, or opt-ins you want to sync to your chosen fields in Salesforce.

This has helped War on Want keep their data consistent and accurate, while saving time by not having to manually reconcile data. Consent is also mapped hourly, ensuring that it’s up to date and compliant.

Another benefit of the Contact Mapping is that it allows the charity to bring more personalised data into Salesforce. This means that they can tailor their email asks and build user profiles based on those data points.

All of this allows them to leverage the Engaging Networks marketing automation tools confidently and efficiently, giving them the power to devote more time to other priorities.

Transaction Mapping

Every morning, the previous day’s transactions from Engaging Networks are synced to Salesforce. Using the in-built Mapping Rules, the charity has mapped the relevant transactions to their choice of Salesforce Objects. Some examples of this is to map Gift Aid Declarations, single fundraising transactions and to update existing campaign members.

Not only does this save time, but it means that reporting is more accurate, generating reports from one single system instead of two. 

Taken together, contact and transaction mapping gives War on Want a holistic view of supporters at any time, including the actions they’ve taken, which helps to inform the nature of donor communications going forward.

Plans for the future

With their CRM migration delivered, War on Want is in growth mode and has almost doubled their mailing list, successfully converting potential donors to engaged supporters. The next stage is all about how to leverage that data and get the best possible donor experience and return on investment.

The charity wants to increase their tailoring and personalisation through mapping out a greater range of fields and data points, build out new profiles and segmentation rules and then offer more tailored content and gift prompts to increase income.

Additional possibilities include expanding supporter marketing preferences, mapping supporter behaviour and journeys across offline and online platforms, consolidating reporting by increasing the volume of data in Salesforce and importing email data to build out Engagement Scoring and reactivation activity.

The benefits

Overall, by integrating Salesforce with Engaging Networks, War on Want has become more efficient, allowing their teams to focus on delivering more impact and more money to fight poverty and defend human rights.  

While they did have an implementation partner to help them set up the integration between Salesforce and our platform, they are able to maintain the integration without the need for a developer or dedicated tech support, helping them focus more resources on delivering their mission.

Integrating between the two platforms has enabled them to be more responsive, targeted, and agile in their digital mobilisation and fundraising performance, giving supporters a more personalised, engaging experience.

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