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Liberty on Engaging Networks Blueprints: Easy-To-Create, On-Brand and Effective Pages Using Page Builder


This case study is adapted from a presentation at our Engaging Networks Community Conference in London, UK. If you’d like to watch the presentation click here.

Human rights organization Liberty runs a range of campaigns and online actions. As a membership organization they want people to join up, but also to donate and take part in all sorts of campaigning action. Due to the range of campaigns they run, Liberty wanted to have changing page styles in addition to their static ‘join us’ and ‘donate’ pages.

One reason Liberty believes that Engaging Networks suits them well is because they do not have in-house development. They need to be able to create their own actions quickly and easily responding to campaigns without the need for technical help.

The Problem of Mismatched Action Pages

Liberty’s old website had been built around iframing Engaging Networks pages. Although the actions were working, Liberty was not getting nearly as many people taking actions online as they would like. They had ‘Campaign’ pages built on their website, as well as ‘Action’ pages that were built on Engaging Networks. Unfortunately, the ‘Campaign’ pages were not primarily designed to convert supporters to take action. On mobile this was proving to be an even bigger problem.

Liberty also found that their ‘join’ and ‘donate’ pages were also not performing well either. The existing iframe solution meant that the website was slow to load and had a generally poor user experience.

Something needed to change, and with a new website in the pipeline, it was the perfect opportunity to try a new approach. Whatever the new website would look like, the Engaging Networks pages needed to reflect the brand, whilst at the same time allowing for the different page layouts that Liberty needed.

Using Blueprinted Page Templates for Brand Consistency

Liberty knew that other organizations were driving much higher conversions on Engaging Networks. They needed a simple design, focused on conversions, and to adopt the best practice that they had seen on other Engaging Networks clients’ campaigns. From here they could implement better tracking and start testing.

Liberty started experimenting on a couple of one-off high profile campaigns with encouraging results, but they needed pages that were easy to create and edit with no developer involvement. This is when they started working with Engaging Networks accredited partner, Glyn Thomas from Root to Branch.

A number of different page types (such as advocacy, fundraising and the like) were needed so they used the Blueprints software in Engaging Networks’ Master Dashboard. Glyn Thomas built the templates in Master Dashboard and shared them down to the main Liberty user accounts. New templates such as ‘Petition Left’ and ‘Petition Right Text’ gave Liberty layout options whilst automatically formatting as per their strict digital design guidelines.

What is a Blueprint?

A Blueprint is a way for someone with technical knowledge, such as an agency partner, to create a template that allows non-technical account users to customise an HTML template without manipulating the HTML themselves. When they create a new template based on your blueprint, they’ll be presented with options to change styles, content and much more.

The Results from Standardizing with Blueprints

Within just 6 months, the new pages were already making a significant difference. Campaign actions with the old design had been converting at around 8% whereas the new campaign pages are converting at a staggering 36%!

Because Engaging Networks pages are used for a wide range of actions on Liberty’s website, this increased conversion rate is having a dramatic impact across the board, from campaigns to membership to fundraising with:

  • More people taking online actions
  • More people signing up to mailing list (and going on their new email supporter journeys)
  • More people are signing up on our post-sign up pages
  • Able to test new ideas such as persuasion design and much more

Watch the full presentation from ENCC UK below if you’d like additional information.

Thank You

Engaging Networks is proud to work with organizations like Liberty who challenges injustice, defends freedom and campaigns to make sure everyone in the UK is treated fairly. To learn more about this impactful organization visit their website today.

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