Case Study

Save the Children Template Redesign


Previously, advocacy campaigning actions were hosted on the Save the Children website with a widget added to the side of the page. We experienced problems with the user experience with this approach. Users on mobile really struggled to find our action because our widget dropped to the bottom of the page. Often supporters had to scroll through reams of text before getting to our call to action.

Save the Children

In addition, the source code – which enables us to track were supporters came from – did not always successfully pull through with hosting the widget on our page. Our source code success rate was around 35% meaning it was difficult to evaluate what was working well, and what not so well.

Finally, our actions were not on brand, lacked a clear structure, had no social proofing and often did not look appealing to supporters. We were providing barriers to people taking actions with us and was something we were committed to getting right.

Time to Redesign!

Key to making the changes was to get the buy-in of Save the Children staff and supporters. We spoke to them to get a sense of what their thoughts on the actions were and how they thought they could improve. By getting them excited about the potential of the changes, and how it could make our campaigns for children more effective, moving the project forward was easy.

We spoke to a few agencies and decided to work together with More Onion who redesigned the pages based on what had proven successful across the sector and beyond. With a few stages of iterations we came up with the templates that worked for us.

The Results are In

The project has been a huge success so far. Our conversions have improved by 35% compared to our previous templates. In addition we’ve seen improvements to the number of people opting into communications and taking a second action. The improvements on mobile have been really significant and this has contributed greatly to the success.

We’re looking at continuing to test and optimise the templates going forward. Improving our opt-in level is something of a priority, followed by focusing on social proofing and ensuring supporters feel part of a wider community when campaigning for children. The great thing with the Engaging Network templates, and the software, is that testing is made easy with the replica functionality and reporting functionality.

Engaging Networks’s Role

The Engaging Networks software is incredibly flexible to our needs. The ability to replicate makes it easy to test and optimise our actions. Being able to make small amends for testing take no time at all.

The support provided by Engaging Networks has proven invaluable to us. Having experts on hand at all times really helps us to get the best out of the software.

Case Study

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