If an Email Appeal Falls in a Spam Folder and No One Opens it, Does it Raise a Dollar?


Answer: Nope!

The year-end giving season can make or break a nonprofit’s annual fundraising goal and the key driver of online donations is email. We are committed to making sure that those fundraising appeals actually reach your supporters’ inboxes – it’s a responsibility we do not take lightly.

We’ve already sent more than one billion email messages on behalf of our clients in 2017! Yesterday, on Giving Tuesday, our Gmail deliverability rate was a whopping 99.94%!

Increase Deliverability

Some of the methods we employ to increase deliverability include:

  • utilizing third-party DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), Sender Policy Framework (SPF), ISP (Internet service provider) address warming and Feedback Loop processes;
  • running a fully redundant, load balanced PowerMTA tier (including automated email throttling to ISPs, “back off” settings to respond to bounce volumes and “feedback loop” reconciliation)
  • pro-actively seeking whitelisting for major ISPs;
  • participating in Junk Mail Reporting Program’s like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, etc.;
  • suppressing bad email addresses in client accounts so to not re-send email to bad records
  • “throttling” (controlling the timing of) email based on delivery patterns to maintain good delivery
  • communicating and expecting best practices from our clients

You don’t need to know exactly what all that means (rest assured that we do). But essentially this infrastructure creates an environment for high deliverability, high throughput, and the efficient management of high loads. In fact, according to the third-party website, Sender Score, our IPs currently operate in the 95th-98th percentile of all high-volume mail senders.

We even introduced email engagement scoring tools that send your emails to your most engaged supporters first, ensuring a higher deliverability rate for each client. Couple that with our new suite of marketing automation tools, and we’ve got you covered to help you hit your goals!

So, you keep creating highly compelling, targeted fundraising appeals and we’ll keep making sure that they reach their destination and we’ll both hope for our best year-end fundraising season yet!

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