Development Roadmap and Journals

Here at Engaging Networks, we think our clients are some of the most creative, strategic and innovative minds in the nonprofit world today. Which is why we listen to them. We develop our product based on current market innovation and the needs and recommendations of our clients. It’s a collaborative journey.

We publicly share development plans for the coming year (Roadmap), and as the year comes to a close, we report back on how we did (Product Journals). This helps our clients plan ahead, and also inspires us to live up to our reputation of being one of the most innovative and trusted companies in the industry.

Product Journals

Our CEO annually drafts a Product Journal offering a glimpse into the planning and execution of our software updates and releases. Take a dive into what goes into planning and developing Engaging Networks.

Present and Past Roadmaps

Please note, any roadmap is subject to change based on needs of the market or other circumstnaces. We do our best to follow through with our commitments and often add additional features along the way.

  • Release of new click-to-call module
  • Enhancements to the Query tool functionality and interface
  • New fraud prevention suite of tools
  • New survey page type and associated tools
  • Addition to advocacy tool set of geolocation targeting
  • Enhancements to the Membership Module
  • PSD2 compliance
  • Addition of SMS text messaging to marketing automation tools
  • Enhanced security features for account administrators including an Audit Trail dashboard
  • Release of new ‘Tally Tool’ in reports
  • Release of single sign-on via OKTA
  • Advocacy enhancement via addition of US Committees and Sub-Committees for targeting
  • Release of initial AI Machine Learning within the Engaging Networks platform
  • ENS REST Service enhancements
  • Blueprint ‘HTML’ Editor enchancements

…and many more. With an agile development release cycle of every 6-8 weeks, many more features will be added to the 2019 roadmap. Please read our 2019 Product Journal to see the full year in review.

  • Highest Previous Contribution – released
  • Next Suggested Gift – released
  • Integration with – released
  • Premium Gifts – released
  • WYSIWYG editor for building page templates – released
  • Master Dashboard with blueprinting – released
  • Householding – released
  • Mass-merging and de-duplication – released
  • Origin source – released
  • Two-factor authentication – released
  • GDPR compliance improvements – released
  • Integration with Stripe – released
  • New fundraiser dashboard in peer-to-peer – released
  • Offline gift form management in peer-to-peer – released
  • E-commerce – Symbolic gifts – released

Click on the image below to see the full .pdf of the 2017 Roadmap, featuring: the Supporter HubMaster Dashboard and more. We also expect to release another dozen improvements to our existing tool set.