Use Marketing Automation to maximize your GivingTuesday strategy

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For nonprofit marketers and fundraisers, GivingTuesday has been providing a huge bump in revenue since its inception in 2012. With its timing after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it has also become synonymous with kicking off the year-end charitable giving season. It is a critical time for organizations to engage with donors and supporters […]

Boost donor conversion with One-click donate pages

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This post is provided courtesy of Rachel Kottler, Digital Account Director, at Lautman Maska Neill & Company. If you are looking to increase donor conversion, then the number one way to do so is to remove barriers to donating. One way to do that? Connect an Engaging Networks’ One-click Donation Page to your fundraising pages.  The […]

Creating effective email journeys to engage your supporters

Email Journey givingtuesday marketing automation

Email journeys (automated sequences of emails) are a critical part of your email communications. They allow you to engage your supporters and deepen their connection to your cause. Email journeys don’t replace the importance of a solid ongoing email programme but they are a key way to: Welcome new supporters Build strong relationships with supporters […]

How to write engaging charity emails in 5 easy steps

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We all know that social media is great for brand awareness and reach, but did you know that engagement with email is much stronger? The M+R 2021 UK benchmarks report found that charities had an average engagement score of 0.35% for Facebook posts and 2.2% for Tweets, yet the average email open rate for charities […]

7 Ways to Push Your CTR to the Next Level

You’ve likely heard the news by now– Apple changed its privacy settings in a big way in September 2021. These changes are likely to affect 40% of your email marketing list and have an impact on one of your favorite email marketing metrics– open rate. Recently, we sat down with accredited partners M+R, Mal Warwick […]

The Metrics You Need to Measure Marketing Automation Effectiveness


Marketing automation is the automation of repetitive tasks across channels and is used by many organizations today. Whether non-profit or commercial, marketing automation can be effective regardless of size. For nonprofits, email marketing automation can provide deep customization and personalization while saving crucial staff time. However, there’s one small catch. You don’t want to ‘set […]

If an Email Appeal Falls in a Spam Folder and No One Opens it, Does it Raise a Dollar?


Answer: Nope! The year-end giving season can make or break a nonprofit’s annual fundraising goal and the key driver of online donations is email. We are committed to making sure that those fundraising appeals actually reach your supporters’ inboxes – it’s a responsibility we do not take lightly. We’ve already sent more than one billion […]