Case Study

Huntsman Cancer Foundation


Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) funds the efforts of Huntsman Cancer Institute to better understand and treat cancer, encouraging patients, caregivers, and donors to come together through programs and community outreach. HCF called on Firefly Partners to improve their online communications and launch the organization’s first-ever DIY crowdfunding campaign. Using the Engaging Networks platform, we worked with them to design new webpages and email templates that help them better engage their constituents year-round.

Email Ease of Use

Huntsman Cancer Foundation had been sending out periodic communications, but they were looking for a simple yet stunning eNewsletter that would make it easy for them share their important news, initiatives, and resources regularly. Headlines For Hope is HCF’s first-ever regular online communication. We kept the design streamlined, with five sections that are simple to update. The design incorporated eye-catching images that can reflect the most important stories and initiatives each month. A donate button in the header allows them to remind readers about opportunities to give without taking away from the content.

Do It Yourself

Having had positive experiences with the Engaging Networks peer-to-peer fundraising tool, HCF wanted to launch personal fundraising that would allow supporters to create their own events around celebrations, memorials, or athletic events. A custom Firefly-designed event page draws people in, while the personal pages prioritize user-experience and make it easy for participants to get their events set up. HCF staff have the flexibility to include links to their other fundraising events throughout the year, making sure the most active and supportive fundraisers have an array of ways to lend their support.

Our goal was to leverage and customize the default Engaging Network peer-to-peer platform to create a modern-looking, one-of-kind DIY fundraising campaign for Huntsman Cancer Foundation. We aimed to make it dynamic and flexible for the organization and also intuitive and modern for the participants.

– Leslie Beck, Web Developer

Recurring Gifts: A Nonprofit’s Best Friend

Every nonprofit understands the importance of predictable gifts. Firefly built a new donation form for Huntsman Cancer Foundation that is designed to prioritize the monthly recurring giving. Of course, one risk that comes with regular giving is expiring credit cards. So we used Engaging Networks’ marketing automation tool to send a credit card expiration email that asks recurring donors whose credit cards are expiring before their next scheduled giving date to update their information. Paired with a custom, easy-to-use donor portal, individuals can now log in to manage their personal information and update their payment details.

Welcome Mat

A welcome series is an essential marketing tool for organizations who want to lead new supporters down pathways of participation. For HCF, we built a new donor welcome series in Engaging Networks that includes a thank you email, a survey to help gather more information, links to follow HCF on social media, a reminder about recurring giving, and upcoming event announcements. This onboarding journey, and the survey in particular, helps get donors more familiar with HCF and helps the organization gather new information so they can market to different groups of supporters in specific ways.

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