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Engaging Networks offers everything you need to reach your supporters, raise more money and win more campaigns. If you’re looking for software with rapid market and client-driven innovation, easy-to-use tools, multi-lingual functionality, integrations and award-winning support, you’re in the right place. Drop us a line and we’ll reach out to discuss your needs. Or, scroll on to learn more.

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Why Engaging Networks is Different

  1. We aren’t beholden to venture capitalists and investors. We’re privately held which lets us focus on the technology you need instead of returns for investors.
  2. Many of us worked at nonprofits so we know how critical client support is – which is why ours is the best you can get.
  3. We have a rapid cycle of innovation with new releases and updates every 6-8 weeks. Nothing goes stale at Engaging Networks.
  4. Product development is client and industry-driven. We’re listening to you and responding to market changes.
  5. We believe in your causes. We don’t just want your business, we want you to SUCCEED. To do that, your organization needs the most current technology, easy-to-use tools and excellent support. We can help you.

Solutions for Your Digital Needs


Best-in-class tools to win more campaigns


Raise More with 
Our Fundraising Tools


Email tools
 you won’t believe

Peer to Peer

Create personal and team fundraising pages

CRM & Data Management

Manage Data and integrate with databases


Tools for everything from house parties to grand galas


Build strong bonds between supporters and organizations


Generate funds beyond traditional donations

Artificial Intelligence

The only eCRM 
with built-in 
AI capabilities

Some of what you get when you choose Engaging Networks


Intuitive user interface for the non-technical staffer

Free Templates

Built in flexible and free templates, or you can create your own


Schedule emails and email to target deliveries so they all arrive on a given date


Create your forms in ANY language


Pre-populate supporter data on forms

Dynamic forms

Redirect and filter to change the supporter’s action path based on variable

Measure IMpact

On-page progress bars and thermometers to measure impact

Mobile Friendly

Mobile-friendly, right out of the box

Integration of tools are critical

Sync your data in one place

Streamlining data in multiple places is critical in today’s world. Ensure all your teams have the information they need to raise more money and win more campaigns for your cause. You can do this with our many integrations.