Build Compelling Advocacy Actions

You can quickly build a page template and an action form targeting the right people, right with Engaging Networks. Our pagebuilder technology allows you to build both templates and forms quickly and easily, to select targets around the world, to set conditionals and redirect content based on user entries and more. You’ll take your actions and successes to a new level and save your staff time and headaches building pages. Create petitions, data capture forms, surveys, advocacy actions and more.


Advocacy campaigning platform for non profits
Target The Right Supporters

Using our advanced query and profile tools, you can target the right audience based on location, donations, actions, age or anything else you have in the database. Conditionalize email and landing page content based on database information or form fields entered in real-time. Watch the results come in via our advanced reporting tools for monitoring and optimization of your campaigns.

Enable Supporters to Email Targets

Use our built-in databases for targeting politicians in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, and parts of Europe. Or, add your own custom targets to enable supporters to send advocacy actions to individuals, corporations or other groups. We keep our databases up to date and monitor send success to ensure your message gets through.

Geotargeting For Location Based Actions

Are you organizing a rally or event, working on a local issue, or wanting to target people in a specific district? Our geotargeting tools allow you to select all supporters within specific areas or within a radius of a given point.

Click-to-call and Tweet to Target

Reach politicians where they are and make the most impact with our Tweet to Target or Click-to-call tools. With Tweet to Target, supporters can send a Tweet directly to targets that have Twitter handles. Click-to-call is a page type that connects supporters via phone directly with politicians – you can even add talking points and gauge ‘success’ of the call after completion.

Engaging Networks was originally built for advocacy and we take it seriously. Here are some more options:

  • easy-to-use – intuitive user interface for the non-technical staffer
  • built in flexible and free templates, or you can create your own
  • schedule email to target deliveries so they all arrive on a given date
  • create your forms in ANY language
  • pre-populate supporter data on forms
  • “redirect and filter” to change the supporter’s action path based on variables
  • on-page progress bars and thermometers to measure impact
  • mobile-friendly, right out of the box

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Client Examples

Human Rights Watch - #BreakTheChains


National Wildlife Federation

NWF Tweet to Target