ImportOmatic by Omatic

ImportOmatic from Omatic Software, a certified Blackbaud partner, provides a seamless sync between Raiser’s Edge and Engaging Networks. The API-based Engaging Networks to Raiser’s Edge sync is automated and does not require downloading or uploading data files. You can also sync data from Raiser’s Edge to Engaging Networks based on a RE query.

omatic integration

The Engaging Networks Connector for ImportOmatic leverages a broad array of integration formulas for different Engaging Networks record types. This allows users to develop distinct ImportOmatic import or export templates and corresponding Raiser’s Edge data mappings for each different Engaging Networks record type.

During setup, the user enters their Engaging Networks API key which is validated against the Engaging Networks servers. Users can also optionally choose an Export Group to apply. Once an ImportOmatic profile, or template, is created and the mappings are complete, the user will be able to integrate data directly from Engaging Networks into Raiser’s Edge, or vice versa.