Blackbaud Products

Raiser’s Edge

There are multiple ways to integrate Engaging Networks with Blackbaud products like Raiser’s Edge and Blackbaud CRM. Reach out with any questions about integrations and we’ll point you in the right direction.

The Super Importer Exporter

JMG Solutions (a certified Blackbaud partner) provides a two-way sync through the Super Importer Exporter, taking online transaction data and constituent information from Engaging Networks into Raiser’s Edge, and taking constituent data (new records and updated records) from Raiser’s Edge into Engaging Networks. SIE uses our application programming interface (API) to export transactions from Engaging Networks, map them to the RE data format and import them. SIE also exports data from RE and imports it into Engaging Networks. This allows you to pull any offline gifts from RE into Engaging Networks, as well as any other data to aid in email segmentation.

There are two types of data that is exchanged – supporter (constituent) information and transactions. After SIE exports all transactions from the preceding day, it checks if each transaction to see if the supporter already has a corresponding record in RE. If not, a new constituent record is created. We import the Raiser’s Edge Constituent ID field into the Engaging Networks supporter record, so that the records are linked. Engaging Networks uses three-digit codes to distinguish transaction types, like one-time donations (FCS), recurring donations (FCR). The transactions are mapped to the appropriate tables or fields (i.e. an FCS transaction creates a gift record in RE).

ImportOmatic from Omatic Software

Omatic, a certified Blackbaud partner, offers a two way nightly sync between all tables and fields in Engaging Networks and your instance of Raiser’s Edge. Many organizations are familiar with Omatic and our flavor of their connector brings their same level of partnership and expertise in supporting this connection between our two platforms.

The import sync is automatic and you can export data via query. The Engaging Networks connector for Omatic consists of several sub-connectors for different transaction types from Engaging Networks. Transaction types are grouped based on their associated record types in Raiser’s Edge (RE) and settings in Omatic. This allows users to develop Omatic profiles and RE mappings for each different record type.

The sub-connector is chosen by the user when creating a new profile in Omatic. During setup of each profile, the user enters their Engaging Networks API key which is validated against the Engaging Networks servers. They can also optionally choose an Export Group to apply. Once a profile is created and the mappings are complete the user will be able to download and process transactions directly from Engaging Networks through Omatic and into RE. 

Blackbaud CRM

The BrightVine Data Link (BVDL) by BrightVine Solutions (for BBCRM)

BrightVine Solutions, a certified Blackbaud partner, provides their BVDL Integration Engine that targets two main themes: automation and structured processes that allow for data integration as well as pre-and post-data processing. 

BrightVine has developed an advanced Blackbaud CRM™ data integration engine capable of importing and exporting numerous sets of data from a variety of data sources, including Engaging Networks. The BrightVine Data Link (BVDL) Integration Engine is built directly into Blackbaud CRM™, and no data is transferred to/ from BrightVine at any time. Your data lives within your Blackbaud CRM™ environment and is only transferred between the applications you choose via secure connections. 

Velocity by Zuri Group (for BBCRM)

Easily move data in or out of Blackbaud CRM and Engaging Networks with Zuri Group’s Velocity, a lightning-fast data management engine that encourages flexible data translation and manipulation.

Use the built-in connectors to move data between Blackbaud CRM and Engaging Networks. Or, integrate data from third-party platforms including email, digital marketing, and student information systems such as Banner by creating a Velocity process once and using it over and over. Velocity eliminates the need to create custom imports, complex batch procedures, and numerous global changes.

Omatic from Omatic Software (for BBCRM)

Omatic Software has a BBCRM integration via the Omatic Cloud. It ensures that all data, coming from all sources, get into the system expediently and without any administrative ‘heavy lifting’ – so that the data that BBCRM users rely on every day is always fresh and current.