Steve Kehrli

Steve Kehrli is Vice President of Development for the PETA (People for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals) Foundation and helps oversee the organization’s
fundraising efforts, focusing on new innovative technologies that connect
existing and would-be philanthropists with the many different facets of PETA’s

Having first joined PETA as a card-carrying member in 1998, his work career
started as a list broker with Names in the News helping different animal and
environmental charities. PETA was one of the first groups he was assigned and
immediately connected to their mission and effectiveness as a non-profit.
Steve’s for-profit career also included working at American List Counsel and
Adams Hussey and Associates.

At PETA, Steve has been influential in transforming organizational culture
around fundraising, optimizing business processes, establishing key
relationships, and driving revenue for all fundraising programs. He is continually
creating and implementing new ways to engage supporters through initiatives
such as interactive town hall meetings, Facebook Live events, peer-to-peer
texting, all of which have helped PETA reach more individuals in an effective
and cost efficient manner.
Among Steve’s many roles is leading the direct response team efforts which
encompasses finding the right message, medium and time to reach supporters.
The organization has won more than 10 excellence in marketing awards from
the Direct Marketing Association of Washington during his tenure. He oversees
the Membership Services and Communications departments where membership
satisfaction rates have steadily increased. He also works closely with industry
partners such as ROI Solutions, Engaging Networks, Mal Warwick Donordigital
and M+R to collaborate.

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