Thanks for attending ENCC-X!

Our sponsors and staff have assembled a Digital Swag Bag full of special offers, downloads, physical items, playlists and more for your enjoyment. You can even enter to win a HomePod Mini! And the good news is… just grab what you want! Although some of us will miss the free grocery bag…

If you haven’t added your voice yet, join us in sharing how you’ve handled 2020 and COVID-19. Click here to add your voice.

From our Platinum Sponsor

New music from Firefly Partners

Try something new with Firefly Partners’
Tackle That To-do List playlist.

Scrumptious Fall Soup Recipe Collection

Click to download the PDF! Then, in the PDF, click on the options to go to the recipes.

From our Gold and Silver Sponsors


Let’s help IE11 shed its mortal coil by displaying a simple notification popup to IE11 users letting them know that their browser is no longer receiving security updates, and websites may no longer display correctly. A link will encourage these visitors to switch to Microsoft Edge.

Discount on Legislative Scorecard Tools

Learn about Cornershop’s WP Congress Plugin and if you’re interested, don’t forget to enter the discount code, ENCC2020.

Get a FREE (and physical) Copy of The Conscious Creative!

Click here to claim your free copy of The Conscious Creative by Kelly Small. Grassriots will even send you a real, physical copy.

Special ENCC Attendee Event

We’d like to extend a special thank-you to all ENCC-X participants! Join Candela’s president, Chris Carter, for a special discussion and brainstorm session (on Zoom, of course!) You can ask Chris your burning fundraising, marketing and strategy questions and get answers on the spot—perhaps even with input from your fellow ENCC-X attendees! Email with THANKYOUENCC in the subject line, and we’ll follow-up with an exclusive invitation. We look forward to seeing you there!

Get a ‘New Normal’ Gift Bag

Click here to request a ‘New Normal’ Gift bag full of goodies like a mask, mug, no-touch tool, lip balm, and more!

Win an Apple HomePod Mini!

Just stop by the ROI Solutions booth in our Expo Hall during the conference and you’ll be entered to win!

Not sure what a HomePod Mini is? Click here – it’s pretty cool.

Free Consultation!

Get a free consultation with Chapman, Cubine, Allen + Hussey – special, just for ENCC attendees – on Email Deliverability, Segmentation, Optimization, Advertising and more – you pick! Just fill out our form to get started.

We Raise The Roots Engaging Networks Accredited Partner
Year-end Prep Session

Join Raise the Roots for an exclusive year-end prep session. Click here to RSVP now!

From the Team

Enjoy Clint’s Work Mix

The mix of songs is crazy eclectic, and unapologetically so. It’s around 98% instrumental songs to help with focus. Enjoy!

Keira Roth, UK Business Development Director, Engaging Networks
Keira’s Zesty Noodle Recipe

Join our own Keira Roth (and family) in a quick tutorial on an easy dinner recipe. Be prepared to take notes, it really is quick!

 Try Morgan’s Favourite Virtual Workouts

Get your body moving with what I think are THE BEST live strength-training classes that you can do from the comfort (confines?) of your own home. Use this link to get three classes for free! What are Morgan’s favourites?

  • POWER on Tuesday mornings with Cassie
  • CIRCUIT Day on Friday mornings with Sara
  • POWER with Jacqueline on Saturday morning
Kathy’s Calming Ocean Gallery

Take a moment (maybe hit play on Clint’s playlist) and scroll through some beautiful ocean imagery – best if you click on the gallery to go full-screen.