Engaging Networks Partners

Our platform is designed to be easy to use for nonprofits. Once you’re set up in the system you should be able to easily run campaigns. That said, some clients or campaigns have different needs or more advanced technical requirements. That’s where our partners come in. Engaging Networks Partners have deep experience in many aspects of our platform from campaign strategy and implementation to creation of beautiful experiences and advanced API use. Engaging Networks Partner Badge

Beginning fall of 2018, our Partners will also have to complete an accreditation program which means they’ve been tested and proven in our tools and actively stay up to date on our latest releases and innovations.

If you’re a client looking for a little help, feel free to reach out to any of the agencies listed below. If you’re a partner and you want to become accredited, click here for more details.

Accredited Engaging Networks Partners

Accredited partners are agencies who have completed the rigorous training and certification in our Accredited Partner Program, launched in mid-2018. As the program progresses, we will provided detailed information on categories in which partners are certified to best fit your needs as an Engaging Networks client.

Beaconfire RED

Cornershop Creative

Firefly Partners


Jasper Design

Root to Branch

The Engage Group

Yeeboo Digital Zuri Group

Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners provide external databases of record or tools to integrate with your database of record. These groups maintain their own proprietary tools that sync with Engaging Networks.


Agency Partners

The list provided below references agencies that are experienced in Engaging Networks but that have not yet completed the Accredited Partner Program. If you need an agency referral, feel free to contact the  Director of Account Services.

http://www.ccah.com/ https://www.civica.co.uk/