Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024


May 16th, 2024 is the 13th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)! GAAD helps promote the conversation around creating accessible digital spaces to support the more than one billion people across the world who have disabilities or impairments.

What Makes a Page Digitally Accessible?

A 2020 study by WebAIM found that of over one million home pages analyzed, 98.1% failed at least one WCAG 2.0 compliance metric.

Pages today should support a variety of disabilities and impairments, such as:

  • Visual, like providing useful alt text descriptions on images, and the ability to utilize a keyboard on a landing page.
  • Hearing, utilizing tools like closed captioning on elements and videos, and visual cues in place of sound effects for pop ups or messaging.
  • Motor, support for alternative keyboards, or even eye control adaptive hardware.
  • Cognitive, use of pages that are not overstimulating or contain flashing elements.

Making Donations More Accessible

Since 2021, Engaging Networks has supported the drive towards making the internet more accessible for all, with easy-to-use templates to help you quickly create landing pages to support more donors.

Three templates were created in collaboration with Cornershop Creative to help you achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and improve equitable access, UI for all users, and increase website submissions on your Engaging Networks-hosted pages.

Accessible-Ready Template 1 

Accessible-Ready Template 1 with included alt text fields

This template includes:

  • Single or multi-step donation page.
  • Left-aligned, floating form block, a header, and a footer section with three column areas.
  • A high visibility background image and lots of adjustable settings are included.

Accessible-Ready Template 2

Visual accessibility tool template

This template includes:

  • Single or multi-step donation page.
  • The page is split down the middle.
  • The left side shows a high visibility background image, logo, and overlay text.
  • The right side shows the form and is scrollable.

Accessible-Ready Template 3

Multi use donation page with script readers

This template includes:

  • Used for a single or multi-step donation page.
  • The page features a header with your logo, a main body with two columns, and a footer. The main body’s left side is for the form, and the right side is for a feature image and two additional information boxes.

For more tips and tricks to ensure your pages are accessible, watch the webinar with a full transcript here.

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