Year-end Fundraising Tips and Tricks from Our Team

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To kick off year-end fundraising for nonprofits everywhere join our staff as we share some tips, tricks and ideas to help you excel. Consider this post our gift to you. Well, one of many coming this month! Here at Engaging Networks, our staff hear a lot from all sides of the nonprofit sector. To kick […]

Google Analytics and Optimize for Nonprofits

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Using Google Analytics at your nonprofit can give you a ton of meaningful data. You can learn who your audience is, how they’re getting to your website, and what they are doing once they get there. This can inform testing strategy. This blog is provided courtesy of Engaging Networks Accredited Partner, Firefly Partners and authored by Monica […]

Tips for Conditional Content Mastery

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The Art of Conditional Content You may have enjoyed our recent series of emails on conditional content. Here’s a recap of what conditional content is, how you can use it in Engaging Networks and further applications that can make your website, forms and emails stand out from the crowd. What is “conditional content?” Let’s start […]

Forms That Deliver the Right Content

Imagine your action, event or fundraising pages displaying differently to users you define? Supporters in different donor groups get different ask strings and messages. Or, you can break them out regionally. Imagine the possibilities and learn how. Let’s take a look at what may be the best conditional content feature we offer – dynamic content […]

Tips & Tricks: Multiple Languages Made Easy

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Engaging Networks Multi-Language Campaigns What’s your favorite locale? A restaurant, lovely park or store? With Engaging Networks, you can make your actions and donation forms as personal to your supporters as their favorite place – at least in terms of language. Adding locales to your pages means that supporters will see that page in their […]

Tips & Tricks: Conditional Emails

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Deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person. That’s what Engaging Networks’ conditional content allows you to do. Whether it’s in an email, on a donation form or an advocacy action – making sure that your supporters are seeing content relevant to them will drive more engagement. The next three Tips […]

Tips & Tricks: Email Monitoring – Seed Lists

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Do you ever wonder what happens to the email you send your supporters? It went to their inbox, right? Or maybe a Promotions folder or something. Without a crystal ball, this is hard to determine. We have a couple of tips and tricks to help you determine what happened to those perfectly crafted emails you and […]

Creating a Spam Trap (“Honeypot”) in Engaging Networks

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Recently, a client asked me for ideas on how to tackle spammers. One of their forms was being filled out by a spam bot, and the result was that they were getting a lot of useless supporter records coming through. In the end, we came up with a solution that other Engaging Networks clients might […]