Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to help you utilize Engaging Networks to its full potential.

18 Jun: Tips & Tricks: Conditional Emails

Deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person. That’s what Engaging Networks’ conditional content allows you to do. Whether it’s in an email, on a donation form or an advocacy action – making sure that your supporters are seeing content relevant to them will drive more engagement. Check out how to do this.


12 Jun: Tips & Tricks: Email Monitoring | Seed Lists

Do you ever wonder what happens to the email you send your supporters? It went to their inbox, right? Or maybe a Promotions folder or something. Without a crystal ball, this is hard to determine. We have a couple of tips and tricks to help you determine what happened to those perfectly crafted emails you and your team sent out.

01 Nov: Creating a spam trap (“honeypot”) in Engaging Networks

We set up a form field that is invisible to human users, who will therefore never populate it. But the field is visible to spambots, which will populate it. This gives us a way to differentiate between human users and spambots. We also just added a custom validator to the form field; one that checks that it is still empty when the form is submitted. If the field isn’t left empty, then our software smells a rat (detects a spambot) and blocks the submission!