New Product Release 4.1.0


Welcome to Version 4.1.0

Our latest release, which deployed on September 12, 2021, marks the completion of our migration to the new AWS hosting environment. With this change, we’re happy to share anticipated improvements in network monitoring, greater flexibility, enhanced network redundancy and additional data security. AWS will also enable us to continue scaling up in a more agile and cloud-centric way, to better serve our growing community of clients worldwide.

Notable Updates


With the shift to AWS, legacy tools have been fully deprecated, and all previous functionality, including political broadcast emails and political data mapping, is now available through the current UI. Now accessible through Data & Reports, the updated political tools are newly polished and ready to use for your campaigns.


Through the Payflow Pro payment gateway, ACH is now available to offer supporters as a payment method on your fundraising pages.


The Receipt Inventory Log now has additional fields available on export for a smoother process in preparing for annual receipting.

Take a look at the release notes for more details on these items and all improvements included in this release.

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