Let's Talk Advocacy

Engaging Networks pairs robust software with an agile approach to continuously developing our digital tools for our clients. Based on 18 years of experience, we provide strong, reliable tools without sacrificing creativity and innovation. Online engagement needs change rapidly, and our goal is to provide best-in-class solutions that keep pace with our clients’ changing needs. We are confident that Engaging Networks will allow you to take your current online engagement to the next level, with a dynamic and natively responsive user experience, sophisticated personalization, increased access to key actionable data, and a platform that is easy for your current and future team members to use.

Advocacy forms can be edited on a system-wide level, or you can have settings unique to a particular form, depending on how you set it up. All pages utilize a template, which is the HTML “wrapper” for page elements, and provides the wireframe, or page layout. Any template may be used for multiple pages. Any changes made to a template would cascade to all pages that use that template, since the template is a shared element.Our fully customizable tool allows you to create pages that look and behave EXACTLY the way you want, so that when your needs change, so can your pages.

Our module offers many unique communication methods:

  1. Data captures - email subscription management, sign up forms, surveys and more. These forms capture data in the database for you to move forward with as you see fit. 
  2. Email to target - your supporters send an email to an advocacy target from our databases of political target lists or targets you upload.
  3. Email a friend – your supporters share your content with their networks. Emails can be links or eCards.
  4. Tweet to Target campaigns - provide engagement  to targets through Twitter.
  5. Thank and Spank campaigns - allow you to show/hide/send customizable information depending on how your target(s) voted on a particular issue
  6. Petitions - allow your supporters to add their voice to your issues.
  7. One click petitions
  8. Split test campaigns - you can split test advocacy campaign pages
  9. Click to call - coming out Q4 2018

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Our Advocacy module has all the features on your wish list:

  • easy-to-use – intuitive user interface for the non-technical staffer
  • built in flexible and free templates, or you can create your own
  • quick – create actions in a matter of minutes
  • customizable – pages will match the look and feel of your site
  • create your forms in ANY language
  • embed your campaign in your Facebook page using our widgets
  • easily add social sharing icons to your campaign and thank you pages
  • use our tracking feature to compare social media visits against other channels
  • segmentation – easy testing and geo-targeting options
  • CSS and HTML options – complete control for your in-house tech team
  • pre-load supporter data on forms (a best practice!)
  • permissions – offer different privileges for different users
  • automated thank you emails
  • “redirect and filter” to change the supporter’s action path based on variables
  • split a form over multiple pages with a progress bar
  • can be used for event registrations
  • one-click petitions
  • mobile-friendly, right out of the box
  • works with your existing CMS (including Drupal, Wordpress and more)
  • robust reporting

We are currently able to target the following databases:

United States

  • Regulations.gov
  • Congress: House of Representatives
  • Congress: Senate
  • State Legislature: House of Representatives
  • State Legislature: Senate
  • State Attorney Generals
  • US State Governors
  • Attorneys General
  • Local-level messaging to target a particular state and/or congressional district
  • By mapping our political databases to your supporter records, you can target your advocacy campaigns to specific states, congressional districts, or city/town. You may customize your Engaging Networks database to include county, region, school district, or use ZIP+4 mapping (which we do) for additional targeting options.


  • Member of Parliament (English and French)
  • Member of Provincial Parliament (all provinces / English and French)
  • Local newspapers


  • House of Representatives (national)
  • Senate (national)

United Kingdom

  • Member of Parliament
  • House of Lords
  • Member Scottish Parliament
  • Member of Welsh Assembly
  • Member Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Member of the European Parliament
  • Local Newspapers (letters to the editor), including Welsh language papers
  • District, Unitary and Borough Councillors (ward level)
  • District, Unitary and Borough Council Leaders
  • County Councillors
  • County Council Leaders
  • Clinical Commissioners Groups (chairs)
  • Health and Wellbeing boards (England only)
  • Council Health Leads
  • Police Commissioners
  • Candidates for the 2015 UK General Election


  • Bundestag (constituency)
  • Bundestag (list)

European Union

  • Members of the European Parliament (all countries)

You can also import custom lists and targets, and if we don't have a target list already, we are happy to add it. 

With a release cycle of every 6-8 weeks, our list of features will continue to grow.

To see how our advocacy module has helped nonprofits just like yours achieve regional, national and international victories, check out our case studies.


In 2016, Engaging Networks introduced "page-builder" functionality. This "wizard approach" to creating donation, campaigning and event pages simplifies the process, making it more intuitive for the user. We walk you through the required elements for your page type, prompting you to use our drag-and-drop functionality to load the required elements and customise your page. Page-builder checks your campaign each time you save or try to exit and lets you know when something is missing. Read more about this exciting technology here.

Page Builder Screenshot