Our CEO’s Position on the War in Ukraine


It’s not possible for me to make a dispassionate corporate statement about the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine. What is happening makes me angry, sad, hopeful, and helpless. 

I am angry that an authoritarian thug decided to inflict such misery on the people of a much smaller neighboring state. 

I am sad to see the extraordinary suffering of people that have only ever wanted to live in peace and to enjoy the freedom that is the foundation of our humanity. 

I am hopeful that the strength of the Ukrainian people will prevail, and that the millions of Russians that oppose this war will bring about change. 

At times, the magnitude of this tragedy makes me feel somewhat helpless. But I know better. I know that supporting the organizations helping refugees and alleviating suffering WILL make a difference.

I am proud to say that Engaging Networks has made contributions to several organizations helping the people affected by this conflict.

Hope is the key. 

Graham Covington
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

 Graham Covington

Graham Covington