Let's Talk Email

It seems as though with the launch of every trendy new online platform comes a prediction of the demise of email. Yet year-after-year, when the numbers are crunched, email always comes out on top in terms of supporter engagement - so you better get it right!

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Our module has all the features on your wish list, plus a few you haven’t thought of yet:

  • easy-to-use – intuitive user interface for the non-technical staffer
  • quick – create an email in a matter of minutes
  • customisable – design unlimited templates to match your site or campaigns
  • unlimited lists and groups
  • unlimited image and file storage
  • the capability to send up to 8,000 emails a minute, with no limit on volume
  • create your emails in ANY language
  • create email triggers and automated welcomes series
  • embed your sign up forms in your website using widgets
  • seamless integration with other modules and social media
  • segmentation – easy split-testing and geo-targeting options
  • CSS and HTML options – complete control for your in-house tech team
  • permissions – offer different privileges for different users
  • mobile-friendly, right out of the box
  • robust reporting

Marketing Automation

In 2016, Engaging Networks released powerful new Marketing Automation tools. Marketing Automation allows the user to create non-linear workflows to better engage supporters and reduce the amount of time team members need to spend emailing (e.g. a sophisticated welcome series). In-depth statistics provide an overlay to the workflow, to create a powerful visual understanding of the data. The percentage and raw number of supporters reaching each workflow goal is presented at each decision point.

Marketing Automation Screenshot

With a release cycle of every 6-8 weeks, our list of features will continue to grow.

To see how our email module has helped charities just like yours increase open, click-thru and conversion rates, check out our case studies.