The Hub is Here!


Your supporters want to change the world – through their relationship with your organization.

Ordinary people can’t build a well in Ghana, or rescue a puppy from a puppy mill or argue for marriage equality in the Supreme Court on their own. So they support YOU – the organizations that can. To keep your supporters engaged, you need to show them the impact of their efforts. That’s why we built The Hub.

What Makes The Hub Special?

It enables your supporters to log in to access their personalized web page, which matches the look and feel of your website, for a seamless user experience.

Thanks to The Hub, supporters can:

  • Participate in new actions;
  • View past advocacy action and outcomes;
  • Upgrade from a one-time to monthly donor;
  • Increase their monthly giving amount;
  • Update their credit card information;
  • Update personal details, such as email or mailing address; and
  • Update communication preferences

By giving your supporters valuable “self-serve” options to update their information, The Hub will free your team members’ valuable time. Best of all, your organization will be in the driver’s seat, to decide which of The Hub’s “gadgets” to make available to your supporters.

Even more features are in the works, and we will release the updates every few months.

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