Supporting Canadian Clients – Canada Day and Every Day!

There’s a lot of silly stereotypes about Canadians. I didn’t know most of them until I met my American roommate in university and was suddenly getting called out for every “eh”, “sorry” and “about” I said.

And, from being referred to as the U.S.’s ‘Little Brother’ or ‘Nice Neighbor to the North’, Canada’s existence is often only relational to what happens south of the border. But, with so many great Canadian clients, Engaging Networks is committed to making sure our platform isn’t just a product that can be used by Canadians but one that is built for them too.

For Canada Day this year, we’re raising a virtual Caesar to celebrate our Canadian clients (and roots!) and show you a few of the ways we’ve invested in the platform with you in mind.

Canadian Political Databases

so your supporters can reach the right representatives

For Email-to-Target, Tweet-to-Target, and Click-to-Call campaigns, our Canadian political databases will match your supporters with their correct elected Federal MP, Provincial MPP, or Toronto City Councilor.


so you can reach supporters in the many languages spoken throughout the country

Locales are used to set the default language for your page content. You can enable them for 150 languages that will load based on a user’s browser settings. It’s an easy way to incorporate both official languages, and it also allows you to better reach the nearly 4 million Canadians who speak a language other than French or English at home.

Conditional Page Content

so you can speak to supporters about what’s most meaningful to them

Since supporters’ needs, interests, and concerns vary greatly from Coast to Coast to Coast, you can leverage supporter profiles to display dynamic content based on the criteria you define. Show Ontarians images related to lake health while offering British Columbia residents copy about protecting whales or wildlife.

A really nice Canadian Account Manager

to help you get the most out of Engaging Networks

Engaging Networks has a lot of bells, whistles, and wizards that will make your work successful, but we’ve also got people! We have an amazing team of real humans, including me, an actual Canadian who is passionate about making sure our tools represent the challenges and opportunities of fundraising and advocating in Canada.

While there are a lot of nice things about Canada, it’s no surprise that its birthday is rooted in oppression, especially towards Indigenous communities. So, I’m encouraging my fellow Canucks to think critically about our past and to consider how we can continue to move this country to a more inclusive future. Some of the best things we have access to in Canada (looking at you, national health care) are the result of relentless campaigns like yours – so keep going and let us know how we can help.