Ultimate Guide to eCRM Selection


So, you’re looking for tips and ideas about a possible nonprofit eCRM change? Welcome. Our team has compiled several guides, case studies and videos to help you build a strategy, plan and finally select the best eCRM for your organization.

Most of us have worked at nonprofits before and recall our own eCRM selections and migrations. But, we also witness the struggles you undergo every day when we work with prospective clients through the process. We genuinely hope these tools are helpful, regardless of your final decision.


Our guides are full of tips and best practices and sometimes even templates to get you started.

Video Tutorials

Watch a video from our team or a partner on eCRM selection, onboarding or migration for ideas to shape your plan.

eCRM Case Studies

Read about the eCRM selection or integration process undergone by some of the United States’ largest nonprofits.

Case Study

How Sense made sense of their supporter data through integration

Case Study

The Nature Conservancy's Technology Choice

Case Study

Refuge: A story of successful selection, migration and fundraising