Page-builder – This Changes Everything (In a Good Way!)


Engaging Networks Releases Page-builder

Engaging Networks has just released our biggest system enhancement in our 16-year history! Our page-builder functionality simplifies the campaign page creation process, making it more intuitive to create custom advocacy and fundraising pages.

Here’s how it works: All required form fields are loaded automatically for you based on the type of page you are creating. Designing and laying out your pages has never been easier. Select the element you would like from the toolbox and drag it into your layout. Worried you forgot to set something up? Page-builder checks your campaign each time you save or try to exit and lets you know when something is missing.

We hope clients are going to absolutely love this new workflow, but we recognize it will take a while for you to get comfortable doing something new. Don’t worry – we’re keeping the old systems in place for those clients who need more time to make the transition.

We’ve added a brand new page-builder section on the Supportal with a complete set of resources you can use as a reference as you explore page-builder. You will find instructions and details on templates, opt-ins, locales, and alerts, as well as a “getting started” guide.

We’ll also be hosting plenty of webinars like the one below, so be sure to check your inbox for times and dates.

The interest from our clients and partners has been overwhelming and the team at Engaging Networks couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished. We can’t wait to see the cool, creative things you will do with these amazing new tools.

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