One Year and Partnering Strong

We’re happy to announce the first anniversary of our Accredited Partner Program at Engaging Networks and our year-one partners.

We’re happy to announce the first anniversary of our Accredited Partner Program at Engaging Networks. The program was launched in fall of 2018, with a full training and accreditation program administered via our Engaging Networks Academy. Our main goal was to help our clients find partner agencies and firms that had the qualifications and capabilities to provide excellent services, using the Engaging Networks platform.

Ryan Baillargeon

We’ve been working with Engaging Networks because of the incredible opportunity to innovate on that platform. They’re always on the forefront of what’s happening in advocacy and fundraising. Every other month we’re seeing new tools and improvements that bring added value to our clients. They’ve been an amazing partner for us.

John Murphy
Zuri Group

In terms of global sophistication, constant innovation and technical support, Engaging Networks is simply the best. Their fundraising and email marketing platform has proven itself by delivering reliable transaction processing in the face of the most dire nonprofit crises. That is why we teamed up with Engaging Networks for our Peer-to-Peer solution. They’ve been a fantastic partner for us.

Eric Rubadeau
Yeeboo Digital

This is by far the most robust accreditation program I have undertaken. The industry would benefit from adopting this as a minimum standard.

Over the past year, our Partner Program has far exceeded the goals we had set for it. We currently have 25 Accredited Partner organizations, who have earned their Accredited status across various categories, including Account Services, Design and Development and Technology Development. These partners did not just complete rigorous training and online assessments. They also had to submit work projects for review and approval, as a condition of getting Accredited. A few of them flunked — in some cases multiple times — before they ultimately passed their tests. Since then, these firms have resumed working with Engaging Networks clients, providing essential services for them, but now with the extra validation that comes with their hard-won status as Accredited Partners.

Engaging Networks focuses on being the best, most innovative software company we can be. We provide strong client support. But to stay focused, we do not provide consulting services. This approach has served us well. But it only works because we’re blessed to have a robust ecosystem of accredited partners available to help our clients who need or want expert help to use our tools in the most sophisticated ways, or to build highly customized web pages. Our rigorous Accreditation process gives Partners a way to further master our tools — and then to prove this mastery. It works out well for the Partners, for our company, and especially for our clients.

We say a hearfelt “Thank you!” to our first 25 Accredited Partners. We look forward to continuing to partner strongly with you in the coming years. If you’re not currently Accredited and you want to learn more, you can learn more and Enroll here.

If you’re a client, and you’re looking for an agency that really knows Engaging Networks, you can view a list of our Accredited Partners below.

Engaging Networks Accredited Partners

4Site Interactive Studios
Forward Action
Mal Warwick DonorDigital
Concord Direct
K2D Strategies
54 Degrees
Mustard Seed Inc.
Stephen Thomas
C6 Digital
CCAH Chapman Cubine Allen + Hussey
NDP Studio
Beaconfire RED
The Engage Group
Jasper Design
Root to Branch Communications

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