New Client Onboarding with Engaging Networks

At Engaging Networks, we take onboarding new clients very seriously. The best path to a successful partnership is making sure you feel confident in your migration and that your team learns and knows how to use the Engaging Networks toolset.

Take a look at the materials below to get a feel for what onboarding with Engaging Networks is like. We offer a wealth of resources to help you every step of the way. Our exceptional client support is available when you need it by phone and email and we have resources such as the Supportal (a client support website), the Academy (an online training website), a client-only list serv, and regular updates and news from our team.

We also have annual conferences in Washington, DC, London, and Toronto, where clients can learn from each other’s best practices, share case studies, see the latest tools and roadmap, interact with agency partners and have valuable face-to-face time (in most years) with our team.

And, all ongoing support and training is included in your subscription cost! No additional fees.

Your Onboarding Team

Real humans will be helping you in your onboarding journey. Meet our Global Client Success Team.

Angelo Errazo


Client Support Specialist

ben childers


Vice President of Global Client Success


Tier 1 Client Support Lead


Account Success Manager


Director of Account Services (UK & International)


Tier 1 Client Support Specialist

john robertson


Tier 1 Client Support Specialist


Product Manager


Tier 1 Client Support Specialist


International Client Success Manager


Account Services Manager

sam louk


Director of Client Success Operations

sarah nielsen


Client Success Manager

Sean Dotson


Account Success Manager

New Client Onboarding Overview

Engaging Networks begins to provide no-cost training to a new client immediately after a contract is signed. Our onboarding process is collaborative with your team, your agency (if you choose to use one), and us. It is rolled out in five distinct phases, all based around the idea that we want you to have a robust account that you can make the most of. Our client support and account success teams co-lead the onboardings as these are the two teams you’ll be working with day-to-day once you’ve become clients of Engaging Networks.

The timeline is completely customized based upon your go-live date, structure, and needs. Below is a general overview of the process, broken up into the five distinct phases . Our onboarding team will work with you before the actual process begins to determine the correct timeline, the right people to involve, and process that works best for your team.

About Onboarding Phases

Kick-off – Week 1 

We will have a kick-off call to introduce you to the team and talk through everything that’s needed to get you set-up on the Engaging Networks platform. This onboarding process is all managed through the Basecamp project management too and we will give you and your team access to this.

Phase 1: Planning & Requirements – Weeks 2-3

We’ll spend these weeks getting a lot of basic details from you so we can set up your account correctly. This includes:

  • Confirming default email addresses
  • Procuring your subdomains
  • Confirming opt-in behavior
  • Signing you up for the Engaging Networks Academy
  • And, getting specific fundraising and advocacy tasks complete

Phase 2: Design & Data – Weeks 4-6

There are two distinct tracks here — Design & Data

For the design tasks, if Engaging Networks will be building using our Free and Flexible templates to build you out pages and emails, we’ll need you to complete some homework assignments so we have all the digital assets we need to properly build those out. For the data tasks, we’ll work with you to define and set up your Account Data Structure in Engaging Networks. This includes all of the Supporter fields, Transactional fields, and Opt-in questions you’ll need.

Phase 3: Implementation – Weeks 7-9

We now take all the information you’ve given us in Phases 1 & 2 and build out your account! We will set up your account and create your ‘account defaults’. This includes items such as ‘Email Senders’, ‘Landing Pages’, etc. which will be created by us based on your input. We will set up your first advocacy and/or fundraising page based on our blueprint templates. Additionally, we will build you out email templates using our Free & Flexible templates. Lastly, you’ll import your supporters into your account.

Phase 4: Review & Build – Weeks 10-11

In this phase, your team will review all the work that Engaging Networks did in phase 3, to ensure that it looks perfect. Additionally, our Client Support team will lead you an in-depth 90 minute Q&A capstone training session that complement the Academy courses your team has been taking all along. Lastly, your team will be building out additional campaign pages, email templates, marketing automations, etc.

Phase 5: Go Live & Maintenance – Week 12+

We made it! You’re now up and running on Engaging Networks. Our team will spend the next few weeks working with your team to ensure everything is running smoothly. Also, if you need to import recurring donors we’ll do that at this point as well.

Active Account Success Management

You’ll have an assigned Account Success Manager that will meet with you regularly to ensure you are able to get the most from your Engaging Networks accounts. And, our Client Success team is only ever a phone call or email away!

A Partner Can Help

An Engaging Networks Accredited Partner can help you with your database migration and onboarding. The benefit of using a partner is the knowledge they bring. A partner with knowledge of our tools can help set up your account and build templates in a fraction of the time it will take your team. This can free your team to learn the tools during onboarding so they’re ready to go when it’s time.

Working with a partner doesn’t have to be a major investment. You can contract someone for as little or as much support as you need. We’ve seen some groups use a partner only for project management or just to build templates. It’s up to you (and your budget). You can find an Engaging Networks Accredited Partner here.

We transitioned from NetCommunity and used an excellent Engaging Networks Accredited Partner to help us design our initial pages, email templates, configure email domains, etc. It was quite smooth. All went very well.​
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