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At Engaging Networks, we understand that building the best advocacy, fundraising, email marketing, peer-to-peer and event tools on the market is only half the battle. We also need to make sure that you know how to use these tools to their full potential. With new releases and updates every two months, that’s often easier said than done. Even if you master the current tools, new ones keep coming out!

We already provide many helpful resources for clients, including our “Supportal” website, our three annual Engaging Networks Community Conferences (in the UK, USA and Canada), regular webinars, a Vimeo channel with long-form video recordings, and lots of on-demand phone and email support. But in recent years some of our clients have asked us to provide a new, more self-paced approach for them to learn our software — preferably in shorter, more digestible chunks. We listened.

The Academy

Accordingly, we’re very excited to announce the release of our newest training resource: “The Academy.” Unveiled last month at our community conference in the USA, The Academy is a valuable online learning center for Engaging Networks clients and partners, providing structured online courses and searchable interactive learning resources to help you master the Engaging Networks platform, at YOUR own pace.

To get started exploring The Academy, head on over to and click “Request Access.”

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Inside The Academy, you’ll find self-paced, time-efficient “spaced” learning in new, bite-size modules that you can do throughout your work week, at your convenience. You’re totally in the driver’s seat. You can just dip in, and watch some step-by-step tutorial videos. Or you can dive in further, by doing the interactive practice exercises, and asking questions in the training forums. The point is, now you can get access to the specific knowledge that you’re seeking, exactly when you need it.

When you’re ready, you can take the course quizzes and earn a “user proficiency badge” to add to your Linkedin or other social media profiles, to display your professional development milestones.

New Courses

Over the last few months, we’ve built out the first few courses to take you through mastering our Page-builder and the new Supporter Hub. Next up? We’ll be expanding The Academy with more online courses covering each aspect of the Engaging Networks platform. We’re also planning an agency partner accreditation program, to help digital agencies increase and validate their talent and expertise in using our platform.

We’ve got several new Engaging Networks modules and lots more feature improvements in store for 2018, including a new eCommerce module and several new Page-builder page types. So now is the time to start mastering all of the powerful tools already in your Engaging Networks account, to get ready to add new knowledge and skills in the new year.

See you inside The Academy!

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