Make a Thunderclap with Your Advocacy Actions


Rock a serious thunderclap in Engaging Networks using our advocacy tools with a little planning and a simple setting.

Thunderclap: Something startling or unexpected.

white house struck by lightning

You may (or may not) remember a pretty cool app called ‘Thunderclap’ that allowed you to rally supporters to submit social content and it would all be released at a time you designated for your campaign. This flood of messages essentially became a ‘thunderclap’ or loud boom of support for an issue. Sadly, that Thunderclap closed its doors in September 2018 due to changes on social media platforms.

Good news is… you can rock a serious thunderclap in Engaging Networks using our advocacy tools. You can open your action and queue email to target actions for up to six weeks then open the flood gate and have them all delivered on a specific date.

Why would you do this? Sometimes a steady stream of letters from constituents is what you want but sometimes you want to make a big impression. 

Perhaps a few days before a Bill goes to vote you want to flood political offices with messages in favor of the Bill to get their attention on a busy docket. You can plan this with your supporters weeks in advance ensuring you have time to get their attention with multiple asks for support. Then, on the specified day… boom.

Perhaps you’re one of many organizations running ongoing campaigns on the same issue and to add an extra push you want send a surge of letters before a major political decision. Make it clear to supporters that you’re collecting signatures and that they’ll all be sent at once XX days before the vote.

This is as easy as clicking a box and adding a date when setting up your action in Engaging Networks. 

delay send screenshot engaging networks

I hope you enjoyed this short but helpful tip to send your actions out with a ‘boom’. You can find more information on setting up actions in Engaging Networks on our Supportal. If you’d like to learn more about Engaging Networks let us know!

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