The Value of Journey Mapping – Short and Long Term for Your Organization


This post is provided courtesy of Krishna Nathwani, Senior Marketing Consultant at HJC.

journey mapping map HJC

Most for-profit organizations have been utilizing the idea of journey mapping for years. The premise of this type of strategic analysis is for a brand to look at a consumer/customer journey for its product or service end to end, looking at touch points both on and offline. In simple terms it’s going through each step of the journey that your customer takes on paper, from seeing your TV ad, or reading about your service in a local newspaper, to them going to a website and then pressing the valuable ‘buy’/’donate’ or action link you want them to take. Journeys differ, it could have been someone mentioning a service or seeing a leaflet at the doctors office. 

Once the journey has been mapped out, stakeholders can begin to understand if each touchpoint in the journey is as optimal as it could be, and if each step is providing value and personalization to internal stakeholders and the customer.

Why Journey Mapping?

Fundamentally, journey mapping is imperative to:

  • Understanding your audience and the steps they take to get to your brand
  • How your customer interacts with your brand within their lifestyle  
  • Learn areas where you can add value/accessibility to your customer
  • Discover how you can then enable your customer to have a life long relationship with your brand
  • Increase brand loyalty, increased sales and retention
journey mapping map HJC

Nonprofits have lagged in practicing this strategic tool for years – until now! In recent years, more and more marketing, fundraising and even operational teams have come to understand the seismic shift that journey mapping causes when understanding audiences. Whether it be in consideration of creating a new website, app or increasing funds for a peer to peer event to internal projects like evolving an organizational mission or helping your teams better communicate and develop resources that will provide optimum results.

Journey Mapping Workshops with HJC

HJC New Media has been working on journey mapping with clients in both the U.S. and Canada, from Pet Partners to the University of California San Francisco and Vancouver General Hospital Foundation. Their accredited journey mapping sessions are 4-hour online or in person workshops that directly cater to your organization.

journey mapping map HJC

These workshops consist of a number of pre-session items, including creating your donor personas, interviewing key stakeholders, and developing a behavior line. The day of the session, your organization will bring together a cross-functional team so that each division is represented and can provide details on the current landscape as well as fresh ideas to build out the journey map and hypothesis. At the conclusion of the workshop, you will receive a report that includes strategic insights and tactics that can be implemented. What’s more is that you learn the mapping process yourself so you can continue to replicate!

Want to learn more about journey mapping? Get in touch with HJC!

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